The New F1 Rule To Stop Big Teams Dominating

18 mar 2021
343 046 visningar

F1 teams are given a certain amount of tokens to spend on upgrading their car, they can't just simply create a new car from scratch every year. We dive into everything you need to know about Formula 1 development tokens.
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  • I dont wanna see OpOrTuNiTiEs for poor fucks. I wanna see shitload of money trying to compete each other. "We spent 15 gazzilions just to make this baby move zero point fuck seconds faster" - thit is and old-school F1 style I fell in love in my childhood. Tokens are bad.

    Roman PetrichenkoRoman Petrichenko11 dagar sedan
  • If Haas don’t spend any tokens this year, does that mean they have double the tokens available for 2022?

    MatthewMatthew13 dagar sedan
  • If u didnt notice, hes not passionate, just a fanboy x

    James CJames C15 dagar sedan
  • Need to make the token cost more expensive and add more tokens during the season. Say first 3 and last 6 cars get more tokens? This would be enough to make them push for a win but lets people at the back catch up? Or even first position and last 3 get tokens? then just make upgrades a bit more token expensive.

    Nathan McCauleyNathan McCauley17 dagar sedan
  • you give good information but unfortunately your editing is cringy and trash.

    Morteza RahimiMorteza Rahimi18 dagar sedan
  • FIA killing innovation harder each year.

  • Token system is boutta be a whole lotta rubbish, I think if you win and earn more money, you deserve to spend it how you like simple, that’s like restricting someone who works and earns their money and making them spend their money on specific things

    RodderzRodderz19 dagar sedan
  • I just found this channel and it is hilarious and informative at the same time. Loving it. (not a fan boy, just passionate)

    Drummer23Drummer2319 dagar sedan
  • Your GIFs are expertly used. I’ll drink some tea in your honour. Long live the Queen.

    Vlad Fifty-TwoVlad Fifty-Two20 dagar sedan
  • The token system for me doesn’t really work because he’s it doesn’t let the big teams run away but it doesn’t really let the smaller teams catch up much at all

    TheTeddyMaster 123TheTeddyMaster 12320 dagar sedan
  • How many people want to see haas win a race

    DanielDaniel20 dagar sedan
  • I think this system will really help the pay to win aspect

    Ehren McGeeEhren McGee20 dagar sedan
  • Imagine playing the F1 game and you can only pick 1 or 2 upgrades for your car, this sounds like if anything it's just freezing the current placement of teams since mercedes has a tremendous lead already and there's no way for anyone to catch up now. Not to mention it goes against the whole principle of F1 being innovation and evolution.

    SchmiddySchmiddy21 dag sedan
  • mercedes wants to know how many tokens it costs to take 5 sandbags out.

    toolman thetimtoolman thetim22 dagar sedan
  • f1 just hurting the stronger team so the weak team can catch up and call it competitive why not force the weaker team to improve

    ZedrhyxZedrhyx22 dagar sedan
  • That 1 team saved like 100 tokens they are probably saying to themselves we saved all of our tokens now we will use these tokens to make a overpowered car and wipe the contest clean by winning

    Nick D'AmbrosioNick D'Ambrosio22 dagar sedan
  • Let’s do this , give everyone the exact same car and let the skill do the rest of the talking

    RicecubeRicecube23 dagar sedan
  • The token system wouldn't be bad IMO if it were just for big things on the car. Like the front and rear suspension, The engine, Aero, and electronics packages. But a token for the drink system or fire suppressor? really? Or better yet the amount of tokens a team gets was dependent on where the team finished in the constructors championship. For example Merc would get 1 token, while HAAS or Williams would get more.

    slimj091slimj09124 dagar sedan

    TheJrBuiscutTheJrBuiscut24 dagar sedan
  • Weaker team more tokens and better teams less

    Zack GreigZack Greig24 dagar sedan
  • 1:45 me and the boyz partying in 2021

    Camille CirrusCamille Cirrus24 dagar sedan
  • Theres already way tomany rules adding tokens is just pointless

    pace makerpace maker25 dagar sedan
  • I know what will make F1 better, either delete the mercedes team, they are making f1 shit or give every team the same engine as the mercedes team.

    Charts 2712Charts 271225 dagar sedan
  • they should add a community awarded token. viewers pick a team to award a token to based on the previous year excluding the top 2-3teams, could change up the midfield a bit and give us a bit more interaction

    JakeJake28 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if other sports were worried about dominating teams and introduced a token system. God sports would be so boring.

    Hey Gurl HeyHey Gurl Hey29 dagar sedan
  • They will still spend money researching everything in order to determine where best to spend the tokens but now despite all this research they can't upgrade everything they want. Stupid people making things worse.

    Merto6Merto629 dagar sedan
  • I think the tokens should be linked to your results in the previous year so that the top team receives none or few and the worst team receives a lot.

    Leggo My EgoLeggo My EgoMånad sedan
  • What's Mostlysane or Prajakta Kohli doing here?! XD

    BE B 26 Sanket PatilBE B 26 Sanket PatilMånad sedan
  • I think it's stupid. F1 is very expensive, and it should be. If you can't get the money - sucks to be you - do better. The point is innovation and to be the very best. It's not called Formula "Limited by budget and tokens". It's Formula 1. If you don't want to play at the top, don't.

    Alex TurnerAlex TurnerMånad sedan
  • Forget the tokens. Just let the teams build the best cars that they can.

    Made In OregonMade In OregonMånad sedan
  • F1 fuped they should’ve made the teams say where they’ve spent their pennies.

    roger brandtroger brandtMånad sedan
  • wtf? This is literally holding back technology.

    Tertius GousTertius GousMånad sedan
  • I am a fan fan of high RPM naturally aspirated engines, how many tokens is that?

    Lelen BatesLelen BatesMånad sedan
  • I mean considering there’s been a budget cap now I don’t think the token system will be affective cuz every team has the same amount of money to spend

    TheOneMeepTheOneMeepMånad sedan
  • F1 is all about finding loopholes in rulebook that's it.

    Rakesh NellekeriRakesh NellekeriMånad sedan
  • Kimi will not get the drink :(

    MelonMelonMånad sedan
  • What’s to stop one of the big competitors from starting a whole new team with a brand new car?

    Charlie HarrisCharlie HarrisMånad sedan
  • Isnt this a double edge sword? Teams that are behind will struggle to catch up if they can only make so many upgrades

    Jake BittnerJake BittnerMånad sedan
  • This is premium motor sport racing. There should be no restrictions.

    Steven SewellSteven SewellMånad sedan
  • booooring boooooring. they fuck up F1 to much and made it boooooring

    TeledabbyTeledabbyMånad sedan
  • What ever mixes it up so it’s not a dominating season for any one driver.

    Jason WeirJason WeirMånad sedan
  • I can get behind the development tokens thing, but let's make it more interesting. Everyone is given a base car and set number of tokens per year depending on championship results, so the teams falling behind get more tokens to help them keep up, and the teams running ahead get less tokens to pull them back in. It would be interesting to see how the cars change from the base each year.

    Uncle NedUncle NedMånad sedan
  • I like the token system for the fact that it will help level tg field. But I don't like that we will not see the true innovation of F1 teams. I know some years a team will do little to nothing but other times they make dozens of changes throughout the year.

    Mxer4lifeMxer4lifeMånad sedan
  • Hey, I liked the red to burgundy gradient on the Ferrari! ... the green Malboro logo, not so much though. Limiting the amount of changes teams can make is likely going to be great for the competition aspect of the races. As much as I love seeing the ingenious innovations teams develop for their cars, sometimes they give such a degree of advantage to the driver that the winner of the race ends up being the one whose team spent the most money rather than the team with the most skilled driver.

    SpiseSpiseMånad sedan
  • I'm not a fan of the tokens. You have to make all parts work together, so essentially teams don't have a lot of space in groundbreaking tech. Large teams won't make a lot of progress, but neither will small teams.

    Richard UrbanecRichard UrbanecMånad sedan
  • I think that teams should have an amount of engineers just like every team in every sport. You got 21 players in hockey including 2 goalies. Should be the same for an F1 team. 30 engineers for exemple. Of Course the best engineers would want to go to better teams, but thats where salary cap is very effective

    David St-Pierre The LeftiesDavid St-Pierre The LeftiesMånad sedan
  • why have i heard the backing track like 9 times this week

    Ian FarringtonIan FarringtonMånad sedan
  • Me read "token", immediately think about cryptocurrency. Still cannot get this idea or of my mind.

    Serge MatveenkoSerge MatveenkoMånad sedan
  • Never paid any mind to this scene, but it should have to be disclosed where they spent what.

    JoeyTwoShoesJoeyTwoShoesMånad sedan
  • Text Me: (Eight

    laura katelaura kateMånad sedan
  • I don't think they should use tokens just have a budget of what they can spand on upgrading the car and then let them decide what to do with it. Obviously all teams would have the same budget.

    kyle_and_kaiserkyle_and_kaiserMånad sedan
  • Matty Matheson probably knows nothing about F1, but I like how you put him in there at 3:40 :P

    Chris CarverChris CarverMånad sedan
  • the token system is smart and still gives team choices on where they want to develop, no matter what it's sad to see this all has to be done just cause one team innovated better

    ethiopianwulfethiopianwulfMånad sedan
  • 2:05,Prajakta Koli,#MostlySane. SEworldr.

    Hrishikesh SabdeHrishikesh SabdeMånad sedan
  • I'm not convinced it'll really save much money. Designers will still end up putting time and energy into looking into EVERY conceivable way they can spend their tokens, so they can then evaluate which of those improvements will give the greatest benefit. So the R&D spend is just as high. Once they've made a decision, the cost of manufacture is just the same whether a component has changed or not. So no change there either. All it does is introduce a degree of jeopardy in hoping the computer analysis has correctly predicted which changes are the most worthwhile, and not being able to correct later if they prove wrong.

    rbgoslingrbgoslingMånad sedan
  • So Haas didn't even make a token change.

    Kevin QuinnKevin QuinnMånad sedan
  • I feel like Mercedes is going to dominate still because the already have the best car

    SeanSeanMånad sedan
  • lol either someone farted on that girls binoculars or she's been hitting a fat joint cause she's got some serious pink eye going on, she looks pretty spaced too

    tehsidewindertehsidewinderMånad sedan
  • Well you are supporting teams that can't design their own dominate cars...

    Harry LinHarry LinMånad sedan
  • Not a fan at all as F1 has always been about innovation and is becoming more spec series. Also not a fan of the rule that has allowed Aston Martin to make changes without using tokens after using there 2 on the survival cell. Going to be interesting to see what AM will do when they have to actually design their own car for 2022 and can’t just copy Mercedes

    Bren DanBren DanMånad sedan
  • I think we need a token system, but a few more tokens are necessary if this systems stays and you should give additional tokens depending on how bad your last performance was. If the worse team got 2 extra tokens and the second worse gets 1, they have a chance to become more competetive again

    SheaperSheaperMånad sedan
  • 2:25 what does the black wing shape thing near the upper air intake do?

    Marco RobertsMarco RobertsMånad sedan
  • Ferrari probably spent 6 of the 2 tokens on a revolutionary system for hiding how they go across the FIA-rules... and still it doesn't work ! 🤣🤣🤣

    Edwin MeursingEdwin MeursingMånad sedan
  • Everybody is ferrari fan u say u r not but u r ferrari fan come on .

    shashidhar jillashashidhar jillaMånad sedan
  • AlphaTauri have spent their tokens to change clothing of the drivers

    Le KobiashviliLe KobiashviliMånad sedan
  • @mattymatheson sighting at 3:42!!!

    Kevin MooreKevin MooreMånad sedan
  • Alpine on the rear? Could probably mean a 'Nando technique once again

    BuizBuizMånad sedan
  • I can understand the spending limit in an attempt to create even competition. F1 has rarely been more than a 2 or 3 team championship competitive sport. The near unlimited development is what has pushed all motorsport technologies. To try and limit that creative approach is a slippery slope. I think that the only limits should be no linits on the use of developmental equipment that it can't be kept from others using it regardless of who developed it for racing. The original manufacturer should retain and real world retail license or patents. By not limiting ownership on the track it could still create the same even competition while reducing R&D costs trying to reinvent a tool slightly different so it can be used. The "sharing" of tech after proof of concept will also push the technologies forward.

    Christian MeekChristian MeekMånad sedan
  • Feels like while the big teams cant make as large of gains it also means the small teams cant catch up as quickly even if this fits their budget.

    N0QB stigN0QB stigMånad sedan
  • I think the system is a great idea, esp in light of Covid. I'd like to keep the field more competitive across all teams. Slowing development is an interesting idea.

    Erik LaneErik LaneMånad sedan
  • No

    Jakub VlcekJakub VlcekMånad sedan
  • this video is super quite for some reason

    PhantomPhalconPhantomPhalconMånad sedan
  • The thundering kettledrum reassuringly water because brand experimentally meddle forenenst a rebel ophthalmologist. perfect, noisy germany

    Kirim JunKirim JunMånad sedan
  • Tokens: Bad idea. F1 is about progress, new ideas, innovation, not stifling and limiting the same.

    John Valean BailyJohn Valean BailyMånad sedan
  • This makes no sense, why should we limit innovation?

    CrowleyCrowleyMånad sedan
  • Development tokens are a good idea, but need to be more numerous. Say 5 in the season break, 2 between preseason testing and Spain (round 5) no more until mid season break, where they get a further 2, and then no more for the season. However, these tokens can be pooled and used as late as needed

    FormulaFish15FormulaFish15Månad sedan
  • I like the idea of limited upgrades. I don't know if this is the right solution

    Jonna BJonna BMånad sedan
  • Yes

    Inner West HelisInner West HelisMånad sedan
  • No. To answer your question, no, I'm not a fan.

    TJTJMånad sedan
  • FIA is a commie, i get it.

    soare bogdansoare bogdanMånad sedan
  • 1:05 "Father, it is our turn on the podium."

    Harith AzmiHarith AzmiMånad sedan
  • I don't like these restrictions. It might be something that needs to be done this year due to the lack of everything in 2020 but I feel that it restricts innovation and change.

    Simon ClarkeSimon ClarkeMånad sedan
  • I totally understand how and why this system is used, however to me it also seems to lock in the order for a whole season. I would love to see lower teams develop themselves further up the pecking order throughout a season, but this system does not really allow that to happen. There has to be a better way. In my opinion. I still love F1 though!!

    Marcus RobertsonMarcus RobertsonMånad sedan
  • You made assumptions alot eh? All hoping Ferrari is back at the front soon, well not me. Alpine everyone's favorite blue car? Not me, again.

    DisturbedmelloowDisturbedmelloowMånad sedan
  • As an outsider, seems like a good idea to keep the playing field a bit more even between small and big budget teams

    Adam SeubertAdam SeubertMånad sedan
  • This makes me think about how FIA enforces all these rules. Actually can we do a video on that? "How does FIA enforce the rules it implemented".

    CucumbersAnonymousCucumbersAnonymousMånad sedan
  • Can't tell if he's passionate or just a fanboy

    DonairDonairMånad sedan
  • Here is the thing. For the sport as far as competition goes it’s more fair, but it’s slows down the development of auto sports as a whole, by not letting the best of the cars possible be out there every year

    Nicholas JohnstonNicholas JohnstonMånad sedan
  • You just know that token system was created by a committee. Instead of just imposing a spending cap, lets introduce a complicated token system.

    Bipolar Mind DroppingsBipolar Mind DroppingsMånad sedan
  • You need to do a video of Why Fans Are Giving Up On F1

    Doug TaylorDoug TaylorMånad sedan
  • Tokens will ruin F! if they keep it

    Ron M.Ron M.Månad sedan
  • the proper way to fix F1 would be to remove all regulations and let them build whatever they want

    Speed KillerSpeed KillerMånad sedan
  • I feel the token system is stupid and they should have just had a budget cap for all the teams and let the teams have free range of upgrading

    Peachi_Peachi_Månad sedan
  • This is ridiculous. The real competition is let tesm do what they want with just limitation of power and few aerodynamic rules and no com between pilot and team

    C CC CMånad sedan
  • Not a fan of the tokens, I believe it slows progress and development

    Elias BindeElias BindeMånad sedan
  • Perhaps if the FIA doesn't immediately ban EVERY groundbreaking innovation, the teams could get closer by inventing new tech. Instead, all development is so limited and narrow, that everyone basically has the same car, except that the big dogs can get marginal improvement and win that way. There needs to be a way to let the small guys past(if they manage to think of something), not just squeezing everything together.

    The middle manThe middle manMånad sedan
  • FIA: Impeding development with maximum efficiency since 1904

    The middle manThe middle manMånad sedan
  • I think is a nice idea, but they should give more token to the teams that performed worse, as well as allowing teams to sell their tokens

    Beregorn88Beregorn88Månad sedan
  • The new formula 1 rule to stop the big teams dominating. Mercedes: sad Hamilton noise's

    Eric StarrenburgEric StarrenburgMånad sedan
  • no

    Dean SimonDean SimonMånad sedan