Ranking The 2021 F1 Car Liveries

11 mar 2021
68 237 visningar

Car launch season is over so what better time to rank the 2021 F1 liveries using our ABCDEF1 grading. Matt, Tommy and Katy share which ones they love and which ones they hate.
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  • The Alpine looks good but it bothers me that it looks exactly like a box of Crest toothpaste. Every time I see the Alpine I think “here comes the toothpaste car”

    Casey MartinCasey MartinMånad sedan
  • The immense peanut inevitably belong because pajama undeniably serve qua a alleged zone. future futuristic, curvy relation

    Sup TechSup TechMånad sedan
  • Is the Eurovision Version called "ABCDESC" then?

    Marius KraußoldMarius KraußoldMånad sedan
  • Honestly impressive how many times she gets cut off mid sentence. Hard to watch tbh

    Malcolm HolmesMalcolm HolmesMånad sedan
  • can you please relay this message to katy for me please: I think she is hella cute

    rrMånad sedan
  • In my opinion the Williams livery is kinda cool. It’s aggressive and different but it kinda works. Not my favorite but I can dig it. Don’t worry about the haters Williams ;)

    Mark PellmanMark PellmanMånad sedan
  • Are you guys bonkers? The Williams and Ferrari liveries are absolutely beautiful

    Jack StraughanJack StraughanMånad sedan
  • I like Ferrari's numbers font. And I love the unique Honda Earth livery.

    d11itad11itaMånad sedan
  • I really dont mind the Williams livery. There's definitely worse liveries (Mercedes and haas) on the grid

    Emma StewartEmma StewartMånad sedan
  • Aston martin D (boring)

    TIE SETIE SEMånad sedan
  • Williams Livery = GP2 Livery

    BlackbirdSR71FanBlackbirdSR71FanMånad sedan
  • the Aston Martin livery is the worst in my opinion, I was expecting so much more, it looks boring and busy.

    dex räikkönendex räikkönenMånad sedan
  • Just out of curiosity, where did you get your design degrees from? Some questionable comments coming from you guys 😂

    Oliver HoweOliver HoweMånad sedan
  • Tommy before one of these episodes: "Right! What controversial shit can I say this time!?"

    LNS_CTDiLNS_CTDiMånad sedan
  • I love williams design and hate alpine. oh well

    nettlecidernettleciderMånad sedan
  • Yeah, the Eurovision one as a bonus podcast would be awesome :D

    CarinaCarinaMånad sedan
  • Why don't you just give a rating in numbers, like 8/10. I mean I don't know what B, C, D,... exactly mean xD Everyone understands a rating in numbers, so it would make sense if you do it like that.

    larslarsMånad sedan
  • Tommy must've been smoking before this episode

    Alex YoungAlex YoungMånad sedan
  • What did Matt say that they bleeped out?

    MurderusMurderusMånad sedan
  • Have you not seen the Aston in the sun? The green has a metallic pop to it as soon as its in the light...much similar to the Alpine yall love so much

    Menandro PlanMenandro PlanMånad sedan
  • The Aston Martin angers me, they could have done something brilliant & sommet amazing......but no

    Aaron-James GannonAaron-James GannonMånad sedan
    • exactly; don't know why they love it.

      dex räikkönendex räikkönenMånad sedan
  • Hot take. If the AMR F1 car had bronze rims, it would've been easily the best looking car in this 2021 season.

    JezzaJezzaMånad sedan
  • Tommy’s reaction wasn’t that bad, actually. I thought of worse things to say about the Williams.

    Jolo MondonedoJolo MondonedoMånad sedan
  • Williams : front half F1 - back half tiger shark

    Zachary PhillipsZachary PhillipsMånad sedan
  • Aight, imma say it ... Williams's livery isn't that bad. In fact, I actually thought it was pretty good. (*braces for the incoming reactions*)

    Garrett CraytonGarrett CraytonMånad sedan
  • Alfa Romeo head on is strangely good, last year I would have given it a C, this year I have it an A

    Kai SutherlandKai SutherlandMånad sedan
  • Am I the only one who loves the Williams

    jimmy bdjimmy bdMånad sedan
  • I can see where they’re coming from on the Williams, but I like it for how weird it is compared to the rest. The sponsor bit is concerning, but I like how they went with something unique.

    JCDavisJCDavisMånad sedan
  • I swear they are petty are corny when it comes to Haas who gives a fuck what mazepin did and that it's a Russian flag. Let them do what they want

    Junito VassalloJunito VassalloMånad sedan
  • I guess I must have terrible taste but I really like the Williams livery, but I concur those stripes could use an angle change.

    Imre BáldyImre BáldyMånad sedan
  • Don’t change something that isn’t Broken for the Red Bull but when McLaren’s livery isn’t Bwoken and they keep it, it’s bad

    Hippo BedHippo BedMånad sedan
  • Tommy on the Williams livery: 100% agreed.

    Hermann26Hermann26Månad sedan
  • Mclaren: lets model the colour after a papaya Ferrari: Italian = tomato

    isolation_gamer05isolation_gamer05Månad sedan
  • Why are the backgrounds in light mode?

    Hermann26Hermann26Månad sedan
  • Tommy, just because Matt told me to, shove your opinion... ...down the toilet.

    McPlayer8tMcPlayer8tMånad sedan
  • My opinion: McLaren: B- AlphaT-Shirt: A Alfa Polish Flag: A- Copy Bull: C Mercede5-year-old’s drawing: F Alpine tree: B- Stroll Martin: A Haaskali: B Scribbliams: A+ Ferrari: C+

    McPlayer8tMcPlayer8tMånad sedan
    • Each to their own, for me though, there is something about white with a bit of blue and red, it just works so well. My first thought when I saw the Haas was BMW. Obviously I noticed the Russian flag design afterwards, but nonetheless, I think it’s pretty nice. As for the pine tree, it’s not a bad livery, and it is growing on me, but it’s a bit too much blue. If they moved the stripes forward slightly, it would break it up a bit more. Also, the Alpine writing on the side doesn’t contrast very well.

      McPlayer8tMcPlayer8tMånad sedan
    • I would disagree with the alpine and the blyatmobile, I think the alpine is closer to A and the haas is more like a C+

      Manuel SchurigManuel SchurigMånad sedan
  • Having seen the Williams on track now, it's nowhere close to the worst livery in F1 History. The original BAR was many, many levels worse; as were the Earth Car Hondas. The '98 Williams was also a lot worse in my view. The 90s (early 90s) in general has some real shockers!

    Stuart CardenStuart CardenMånad sedan
  • I agreee with a Katy about the Merc, 5-year-old’s drawing.

    McPlayer8tMcPlayer8tMånad sedan
  • The Red Bull Supercars team change up their livery a bit every year. They keep the same colours, but they just move things around, adjust the shades and shapes a bit. It just keeps things looking interesting. The Red Bull F1 team literally change the bare minimum they can get away with.

    McPlayer8tMcPlayer8tMånad sedan
  • I think williams is the best livery of this year, and i also think that the aston martin looks like it just returned from slime time on nickelodeon

    Viggo van der StelViggo van der StelMånad sedan
  • Loving how the Alpine livery works so that the french flag on the side looks like the Union Jack when seen from above.

    Hannah Lundberg SmithHannah Lundberg SmithMånad sedan
  • Williams #1

    Andrei SamarinAndrei SamarinMånad sedan
  • the Aston Martin is cool on screen with all the lights. on the track its ugly asf. its just a dark green colour edit: this was before tommy his reaction lmao

    Mar celMar celMånad sedan
  • If Williams weren't around, Aston Martin would be bringing the worst livery to the grid this year by a country mile. The color of the car looks horrible. It cannot decide whether it wants to be blue or green. I absolutely hate the livery. I would give Aston Martin's livery a D minus.

    Charles MagnusonCharles MagnusonMånad sedan
  • Ferrari livery doesn't even deserve a rating it's so shit

    Novai NL2Novai NL2Månad sedan
  • I think the ferrari could look amazing if they ever decided to go for a satin/metallic finish like the alpine, but with the ferrari red colour.

    Thomas McGarryThomas McGarryMånad sedan
  • Unlike Tommy, i actually dont mind the williams

    Logan TaylorLogan TaylorMånad sedan
  • Tommy didn't come out with all guns blazing, he went full Operation Overlord on the Williams livery.

    Sean SuttonSean SuttonMånad sedan
  • nice to see that Tommy agrees that the Aston is overrated, though any pink on a green car is gonna look woeful

    Deacon AbbsDeacon AbbsMånad sedan
  • The Haaski is much worse than the Williams in my opinion. I would even go so far as saying Mercedes is worse too... The sad thing is that Williams had an opportunity To do whatever they wanted with barely any sponsors colors having to be considered and bring something amazing... Like something all new and unexpected like Landos helmet last year or a full 90s throwback

    Mi ChiMi ChiMånad sedan
  • "I don't really like British Racing Green anyway" is the most controversial thing I've ever heard

    fawkhofffawkhoffMånad sedan
    • On track it just looks like a dark grey car on light grey tarmac

      TIE SETIE SEMånad sedan
    • I see it as on par with saying Ferrari looked better when they raced in blue that one time

      Henry AshmanHenry AshmanMånad sedan
  • I got the Eurovision reference. Love it!

    xmari3goldxxmari3goldxMånad sedan
  • Haas be like: Russian anthem plays

    Kelly PriiceKelly PriiceMånad sedan
  • Let's hope Aston Martin sees this and gives Katy her car!

    benjamin guaybenjamin guayMånad sedan
  • Bruh the RB livery is okay at best and the car itself is proper ugly, the nose is atrocious

    SevenW25 VSevenW25 VMånad sedan
  • I genuinely really like the williams design. I also think its hilarious they dislike mclarens design by simply sayings its the same as last years and then with redbull they give it an A saying its a classic

    Michael CrosbieMichael CrosbieMånad sedan
  • The tommy intro at the end 🤣🤣

    Diegos DrumsDiegos DrumsMånad sedan
  • Isn't the Aston Martin actually Viridian Green rather than British Racing Green? BRG is traditionally a darker green with less blue in it.

    thor3105thor3105Månad sedan
  • Love the Williams 🙄

    Ali MudaraAli MudaraMånad sedan
  • Seriously, I don't understand why people adore the Alpine livery. It's good, but no way the best livery on the grid.

    ThymorianThymorianMånad sedan
    • Not the best (I think Apline's is #1) but I know for me I really enjoy a more simple look with great color combination, thus why I also liked Alfa Romeo's livery.

      Caleb ShireyCaleb ShireyMånad sedan
  • My opinion: Mclaren: B Alpha Tauri: B Alfa Romeo: A Red Bull: C Mercedes: D Alpine: A* Aston Martin: A Haas: C Williams: D Ferrari: C

    FellianTheDragonFellianTheDragonMånad sedan

    Max MendizabalMax MendizabalMånad sedan
  • 31:04

    RBkeyZRBkeyZMånad sedan
  • Side bar but as someone who works for a Eurovision fan media site in his spare time...you're gonna have a wild time with Eurovision this year ahaha

    Elliot HarrisElliot HarrisMånad sedan
  • @tommy with the personal styling of an overweight giraffe saying that it’s the worst you wouldn’t know a good design if it hit you in the face

    Tim JenningsTim JenningsMånad sedan
  • Matty you are revolting 🤮

    Tim JenningsTim JenningsMånad sedan
  • Williams is the best skin

    Tim JenningsTim JenningsMånad sedan
  • Aston is the worst skin this year

    Tim JenningsTim JenningsMånad sedan
  • The ratty pike seemingly applaud because shrine electrophoretically rot inside a highfalutin whiskey. amused, bashful help

    Jonki PastramkiJonki PastramkiMånad sedan
  • Kinda dis-agreed with the Aston Martin one....until i saw that pink stripe they put on it today with the testing and all that(did not see the Aston Martin Car since reveal till today). Kinda sits in the sour corner for me with the Williams. Both cars have a good potential in the livery they got. there is just 1 bit on it that messes it up. For Aston Martin it's the pink stripe, they could have done that a bit better of integration via the wings, or maybe even bits of the sidepods/halo. And if you take the Middle bit out of the Williams, then you end up with a semi-decent livery hell, just even following the lines of the car a bit more with the stripes, rather then the blocky look. moving the sponsors down a bit, maybe a bit of angle on it, and it should not "be pixelated when it goes on screen"(to paraphrase Tommy) rest kinda feels a bit meh. As for the RB.....i kinda hate it if they changed it unless they decide to race in one of their Proto-type, Test liveries.

    Ibahalii *Ibahalii *Månad sedan
  • I love the look on Matty’s face whilst Tommy and Katy have a Matty-style rant about the Williams livery 😂

    JJLozzerJJLozzerMånad sedan
  • Aston needed to be Brunswick green

    Tim JenningsTim JenningsMånad sedan
  • I’m going to miss the yellow and the pink, this year the cars look way too similar. Nearly the whole field is red or blue...

    Ogreman222Ogreman222Månad sedan
  • I completely agree with Tommy about the Aston. It’s fine but very overhyped.

    Ogreman222Ogreman222Månad sedan
  • If you put aside everything about Mazepin and all that the Haas is actually a really nice livery. The designer did a great job with the prerequisites set to him.

    Areeb SiddiquiAreeb SiddiquiMånad sedan
  • Mercedes is an absolute D ... so much worse than last year.

    ReDHeaDSg1ReDHeaDSg1Månad sedan

    NEON_ FranNEON_ FranMånad sedan
  • I think he's right, The 2021 Williams might be the worst livery in the history of F1. Are there any worse ones out there?

    JohnBoyAdvanceJohnBoyAdvanceMånad sedan
  • Some one should have said “The merc for me is an A.........MG” then reveals the actual rating

    Thomas HornsbyThomas HornsbyMånad sedan
  • Everyone is talking about Haas having a russian flag on it, but noone is talking about Alfa Romeo literally being a POLISH FLAG.

    Sneaky SnakeSneaky SnakeMånad sedan
  • You don't like British racing green ? You dare call yourself a Brit!!

    Wind of changeWind of changeMånad sedan
  • 32:00 well that deserves a dislike in my book and FYI its fcking good

    Mohammed Asim MansuriMohammed Asim MansuriMånad sedan
  • If you don't like British Racing Green then you need to GTF1 out of this podcast.

    Lost AloneLost AloneMånad sedan
  • Tommy woke up and chose violence towards Williams' livery 😂

    Zac_LFC2001Zac_LFC2001Månad sedan
  • My ranking 1. AM 2. Alpine 3. RB 4. Williams 5. Mercedes 6. AT 7. Mclaren 8. Ferrari 9. AR . . . 10. Haas

    Matt BellMatt BellMånad sedan
  • The haas team needs to make theirs the american flag. The whole paint scheme needs to be the stars and stripes.

    Jake TothJake TothMånad sedan
    • Please go back to black white and red haas

      Novai NL2Novai NL2Månad sedan
  • The original Uralkali colors livery that Tommy made was gorgeous.

    Dimitri JenskDimitri JenskMånad sedan
  • Don't mind me actually kind of liking the William's livery. I'll go seppuku myself now

    Tim VernakTim VernakMånad sedan
  • 👎 Why you do not show the cars in your video when you talk about their designs/liveries???

    BlueJay StudioBlueJay StudioMånad sedan
  • 1. Aston Martin 2. Alpine 3. Alfa Romeo 4. & the rest

    Ankit BeraAnkit BeraMånad sedan
  • Can you ask Tommy to speak louder?? Whenever i listen to this podcast while driving i have to turn up the volume to max because tommy speaks so low

    Ricky EligioRicky EligioMånad sedan
    • right away, sir

      dex räikkönendex räikkönenMånad sedan
  • It's outrageous that the Mercedes was similar in ranking to the Red Bull. It's outrageous that the fans like something more than us

    MCShrek201MCShrek201Månad sedan
  • In what world does BRG have blue in it? What Aston has on their car definitely is more aquamarine than BRG, idk what y'all are smoking. If it was actually BRG I think it would've looked alot better

    bladechildxbladechildxMånad sedan
  • What is a livery? I'm new and an american which no one I know gives a fuck about f1. Dumbasses! These cars and teams form a beautiful thing to me. Only rally car and isle of man tt rank next to f1!

    Clay & Tommy VanbrimmerClay & Tommy VanbrimmerMånad sedan
  • You're not the only one Katy don't worry, an Aston Martin is my dream car, in those 2 colours too!

    Adam SproatesAdam SproatesMånad sedan
  • Mentioning the earth car-it actually looked pretty nice

    Sophia JonesSophia JonesMånad sedan
  • I actually much prefer the Aston Martin on track. The return to a more traditional racing green rather than how it looks in studio

    OliveTree487OliveTree487Månad sedan
  • Go Aston Martin!! #watermeloncar

    Jesse QuiringJesse QuiringMånad sedan
  • Not related to the video but can you guys tell us the demographics of the viewers of the channel? I'd be interested to see the percentage of women watching the wtf1 channel. Does anyone know if they've done this already?

    Aylín EspinoAylín EspinoMånad sedan
  • Hard agree with Tommy about the AM livery being overrated... I do like the green but I think people are blinded by the big change that it is. Objectively it's a nice livery but not extraordinary

    Alexandra31TAlexandra31TMånad sedan