Why Has F1 Introduced 'Sprint Qualifying'?

27 apr 2021
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F1 has confirmed it will introduce a 'Sprint Qualifying' race at the three events his season. So what is? Will it be good or bad? We explain all and give our opinions on it in the latest WTF1 Podcast.
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  • I think if your having sprint Qualifying, the qualifying for that "race" should be 1 lap reverse championship qualifying were Mercedes and Red Bull go out first and Williams and Haas go last with the best track conditions. Might not change the order too much but someone like Lando or even Gasly might get pole spices it up but not like a gimmick

    Daz HallDaz Hall11 timmar sedan
  • Just a thought on a complete alternative: Friday is practice as usual. Saturday is a sprint race for substantual points, not just token points. Sunday is race day. For both sprint and race, starting positions are reversed of previous race final standing, for each. Retired cars still start last. No actual qualifying and the top drivers will actually have to navigate the entire field without the help of the blue flag to win, instead of qualifying top 3, taking of and spending 2 hours being 30-40 seconds ahead with no real competition. We might even start to see different podiums if the midfielders can contain the top teams, thus spreading out the points instead of the championship being between 2 or 3 drivers. I think that would make for a more exciting season and more racing as more drivers have the chance to win points that actually matter, both for driver and constructor championship.

    Peter AsmussenPeter AsmussenDag sedan
  • Keen to have something interesting to watch on the weekend. As an Aussie watching most of the races end up late Sunday night or early Monday morning(when they race it Europe). So don't really get to watch as much as I would like, I have to watch a replay of the race in around work and life. Will be nice to just watch a race-ish thing on a Sunday when I can sit and enjoy it.

    James WilliamsJames Williams2 dagar sedan
  • Idk lol

    Mr Horncat08Mr Horncat083 dagar sedan
  • Do we know yet what raves will include the Sprint races?

    Jim PolkJim Polk4 dagar sedan
  • 35:12 Tommy trying to think of a synonym for 'Grand Prix' "It's still ultimately the erm whole like thing"... The big prize maybe :P

    Rob NegusRob Negus4 dagar sedan
  • What about a BTCC style reverse grid rule, pull a ball out of a bag at the end of quali, or the sprint race, and reverse from a set range of positions ie 6th-12th I think is what they do but this can be adjusted depending on what works for f1?

    Rob NegusRob Negus4 dagar sedan
  • How will podiums be treated by drivers and fans in this format?

    Jake TurnerJake Turner4 dagar sedan
  • Shouldn't include points.

    bobcharlottebobcharlotte5 dagar sedan
  • I think it will be good

    Hardi SetiawanHardi Setiawan5 dagar sedan
  • I can see the new format helping in 2 ways. If Hamilton or Verstappen wreck or have a mechanical in Saturday's race it would make Sunday's race great because they would have to pass everyone to get maximum points on Sunday. On the flip side, if Hamilton/Verstappen have a bad qualifying on Friday (mechanical or something) then they would be able to pass a bunch of cars on Saturday to improve his starting position on Sunday. On the flip side, likely the fastest cars will start at the front on Saturday and will not battle too much amongst themselves and it will be a follow the leader because it is more important to start near the front on Sunday than get a couple points on Saturday.

    TheMillerdr19TheMillerdr195 dagar sedan
  • My suggestion to shake F1 up is if you have 22 races, then have 11 teams and so 22 drivers, Every Driver drives for every team twice over the year, (some kind of random selection as to who drives where when, ) then the best team overall will still win the championship AND the best driver overall will win the Championship.

    Efftup SmithEfftup Smith5 dagar sedan
  • I really don't know a sport that talks so much about "we don't have enough viewers and we need to make it appealing somehow". This argument is so old and it never works. You just have to make the sport good and people will come. Artificial jungabunga doesn't work.

    kut52kut525 dagar sedan
  • Unfortunately I can't watch it at all I haven't got sky or any other means to watch I can only listen to my favourite sport. I hope Lewis Hamilton wins this like shumi did with the 4 grove tyres back in 2000 they tryed to shake things up back then with shumi and he still came out on top

    chris bristowchris bristow5 dagar sedan
  • I liked the way ChainBear put it the most. He said in that video that you can view this new format of the sprint qualifying just like a bigger 400 km race with a red flag after 100 km (the sprint qualifying) followed by a standing start and the rest 300 km (the sunday race). You should check ChainBear's video, it's very nice.

    Mihai FlorinMihai Florin5 dagar sedan
  • QUALI on FRIDAY Half race distance SPRINT RACE on SATURDAY with 🔟 , 8️⃣, 6️⃣, 5️⃣, 4️⃣, 3️⃣, 2️⃣, 1️⃣ points on offer. On SUNDAY, start race with a REVERSE GRID for the point scorers from sprint race. Award same 🔟, 8️⃣, 6️⃣, 5️⃣, 4️⃣, 3️⃣, 2️⃣, 1️⃣ points for top 8 finishers ➕ an EXTRA POINT for each position gained in the race.

    KK BKK B5 dagar sedan
  • Wouldn't a reverse grid be more dangerous? You'll have all these slow cars at the front, and the faster cars have to pick their way through them. Which increases the possibility of accidents.

    April KurtzApril Kurtz5 dagar sedan
  • As a filthy casual who just watches the FPs in highlights, I like the fact that they are willing to try new things. If it doesn't work, oh well, nothing lost.

    Matthew JudgeMatthew Judge5 dagar sedan
  • If F1 uses the F2 format of reverse grid...top teams will go for 7th or 8th during the sprint qualifying race..3points for a win wont make sense if they will manage to win most of the GP...

    Ilr914Ilr9146 dagar sedan
  • The problem with F1 is the lack of cars capable of winning a race. Only 1 or 2 cars in any given season can win a race. Mostly 1 car for the last 7 years. Qualifiying is not a problem for F1. This is purley for more revenue.

    Skinny PeteSkinny Pete6 dagar sedan
  • on the point you made about having only one practice session before qualy that would shake up the grid, It will shake it up for the sprint race, which will normalise the grid for sundays race which is the main event. So in essence, useless. Also for the reverse grid discussion, It will work differently to F2 because the pace difference between the grid in F1 is so massive, so having the slower cars ahead may be dangerous, as to the reason why in a safety car scenario or red flag the lapped cars un-lap themselves so they are out of the way of the faster cars, in F2 the pace difference is not so much so requires more driver skill to come back through. All it would do is increase the number of overtakes in the race as a stat. not create exciting racing, Hamilton and verstappen wont be able to battle with each other because they are busy overtaking all the slower cars ahead of them.

    BHassan786BHassan7866 dagar sedan
  • What if they did p1,p2 Friday. Q1 Saturday and only top 10-15 cars sprint for position. A few less cars on track means less risk for crash. Not sure about this but maybe the eliminated cars get to tweak 1 thing on the car since they do t have the opportunity to improve in the sprint

    Jonathon ChismJonathon Chism6 dagar sedan
  • Exactly my sentiments on reverse grids. It's always exciting to see those with faster cars try to get past the ones in front. More overtaking.

    Duskraven377Duskraven3776 dagar sedan
  • I'm neutral on it - it'll mostly just sort cars into race pace order a bit earlier OR be an absolute procession because no-one wants to risk starting the main race at the back. I'm just worried its a way of introducing a "reverse grid qualifying race" by the back door - NOTHING reverse grid should be in the direct pathway of how the grid for the main race on a Sunday is set.

    Jonathan GJonathan G6 dagar sedan
  • Perfect Amazing Fantastic Exelent Magical ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️💯💯

    Yiannis HayabusaYiannis Hayabusa6 dagar sedan
  • PS, Matt this is American. It's about RACING RACING RACING, ACTION ACTION ACTION, MORE ACTION. USA$$$$$$

    Sarah MitchellSarah Mitchell6 dagar sedan
  • Sucks to be in the southern hemisphere!!!

    Sarah MitchellSarah Mitchell6 dagar sedan
  • So I guess I am blessed for having a boss who will crack a beer and sit next to me to watch the quali

    Shmu'elShmu'el6 dagar sedan
  • I'm afraid that 3, 2 and 1 points aren't enough reward to take the risk on the sprint race it would be better if the points given are the difference on points between 1 , 2 and 3 place from de gran prix. first place would get 7 points the difference between 1 place (25) and 2 place (18); the second place would get 3 points the difference between 2 place (18) and 3 place (15) and finally the third place with no points, I think it would give true value to the sprint race and the pilots would take the risk to get those points.

    JoediazJoediaz6 dagar sedan
  • Why can't Friday qualifying be at e.g. 7pm or 8pm in the evening, so people can watch it after work?

    Richard HornbyRichard Hornby6 dagar sedan
  • What happens when you get a Bottas/Russell accident where the car is totalled? You’d need to bring a 3rd/spare car to the track. Maybe even a spare seat for each driver. So much for the cost-saving!

    Frankie-GFrankie-G6 dagar sedan
  • I expect it to not be very exciting. Generally, if you qualify fast, you should sprint fast. So it's just extra points for the fastest cars/drivers. But it COULD be interesting if quali position was normal for the race, and reverse quali was used in the sprint. The sprint would be just for points, but the fastest cars/drivers will be at the back, meaning an exciting sprint with a lot of pressure to pass and drivers in back who CAN pass. Make the positions worth some significant points (about half of what the full race is worth, and a few sprints per year to spice things up could be significant. Suggested points from P1-P20, respectively: 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0. No points for the last 5 places. 13, 14, an 15 get 1 point, 11, and 12 get 2 points, etc. With 12 points for P1, that's almost half of what you can get in a full race--so it's pretty significant. Do about 5 of these every year, and drivers need to take them seriously.

    Dave DuncanDave Duncan6 dagar sedan
  • You say about work, but it is a world wide sport, so not everyone is in work

    Kane JohnseyKane Johnsey6 dagar sedan
  • Really enjoying seeing Katy's personality shine through since joining the team 👍🏾

    churchman195churchman1956 dagar sedan
  • Bad

    juan-Pablo Cristernajuan-Pablo Cristerna6 dagar sedan
  • Prediction: Latifi out qualifies Russell at the first Sprint Race Qualifying

    jmiktuttjmiktutt6 dagar sedan
  • Finally getting a competitive championship and now the FIA decide to mess like this, classic. If this is just to get people to watch live on Fridays its dumb af, people don't watch friday because they're at work, that won't change just because they move qualifying. Also passing is so hard it takes 5 laps to line up a pass, 15 laps bahaha. Also what happens to cars shunted or damaged from the sprint race? Are they out? Are the cars in parc-ferme between the races? Sorry if they answer that, I'm only 15 minutes in.

    andrewrogersandrewrogers6 dagar sedan
  • Just have a kart race at the tracks with the F1 drivers on Saturdays. Have each track build a kart version of the track. Drivers get 30min practice, 10min qualifying, 15 lap race. Driver get points 5,4,3,2,1. No constructor points. It would be a great showcase of talent throughout the field, let those shine who are not in the best car. It would also be great to have two spots made up of wildcard entries from GP2. Top 5 from last GP2 race can qualify for two spots in the kart race.

    Zach SettewongseZach Settewongse6 dagar sedan
  • NO

    Charles MatthewsCharles Matthews6 dagar sedan
  • Unlimited testing development, fuel stops, small fuel tanks, tyres that's last and different strategies due to choice of how much fuel to start the race.

    RedRed6 dagar sedan
  • why dont they just run 100 extra km on Sunday and red flag it after 100km with a grid restart ? isn't it exactly the same thing?

    EE6 dagar sedan
  • yea the points are bullshit just why pain.

    sharad oaddsharad oadd6 dagar sedan
  • A Wise man once said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again-expecting different results." Thus, if we want the sport to change and get more excited we need to mix it up, if we change nothing, neither will the results.

    BjornDPBjornDP6 dagar sedan
  • I've just noticed, you 3s name rhymes, is that a requirement to be employed by the WTF1 family?

    BackmarkersBackmarkers6 dagar sedan
  • I want to marry Katy's smile

    IziVynelolIziVynelol6 dagar sedan
  • More f1=more better

    Bacon lion tigersBacon lion tigers6 dagar sedan
  • The only reason it's called Spring Qualifying is to not piss off us hardcore fans who love our win record books

    FIFATyomaFIFATyoma6 dagar sedan
  • Reverse grids is one of the worst ideas ever, let's help those teams who've done a shit job with their car by putting them at the front and punish the people who've done a good job. What's next? Let's make Messi play blindfolded because he's too good at football.

    Sudeep PednekarSudeep Pednekar7 dagar sedan
  • I'm happy they are testing it out but hoping that the 2022 rules make this pointless

    Jo mojo Narvaez-GreyJo mojo Narvaez-Grey7 dagar sedan
  • Reverse Grid race 1: Mazespin on turn one causes entire field to DNF

    TheFaldoranTheFaldoran7 dagar sedan
  • I don't particularly like the current qualifying system, I think it's unfair to smaller teams and mitigates the fun of having all drivers going full blast, so I'm curious to see how the new format works. I think a lot of people are making assumptions while like Katy, I prefer to watch it first and then make my mind.

    Wandering FirbolgWandering Firbolg7 dagar sedan
  • I dont think Sprint Qualifying or whatever they're calling it will decide a champion. It could, yes. But the most one driver can get from all three SQs would be 9 points which the difference between first and second is 7. 8 if first gets fastest lap. If the championship is decided by 9 points or less a.) F1 fans got a hell of a treat in entertaining races this year and b.) There's 23 (hopefully) races and hundreds of laps that can be analyzed for what someone could have done differently to make up those points. The biggest thing we as fans can get out of SQ would be is it better than the qualifying setup used now? I love the idea of a reverse grid for the SQ race to maybe get more points in the midfield. Then keep the qualifying order for Sunday. I dont like SQ deciding the order for Sunday but we'll see how it goes

    TheVipersharkTheVipershark7 dagar sedan
  • I really like Qualifying. Sometimes it's the best part of the weekend. And that last 30 seconds of Q3, when drivers are topping each others times can have me yelling at the TV screen in excitement. It'll be sad to lose that when it becomes irrelevant.

    Greg McPhersonGreg McPherson7 dagar sedan
  • This can make the Sunday race more predictable, because we have already seen the performance of the cars beforehand. Less speculating is less fun.

    marulisumarulisu7 dagar sedan
  • It will all be cancelled when one of the mid field driver decides to go for a kamikaze dive in turn one and he takes out all the front runners for the Sunday race.

    GIFDGIFD7 dagar sedan
  • Points should be given to every car that improves their grid position. That way there is an incentive for backmarkers and the midfield teams to get some WC points. One point for every grid position improved by a driver and one point for the pole-sitter of the sprint race to finish as pole-sitter for the final race.

    Arunabh SenguptaArunabh Sengupta7 dagar sedan
  • I'd be willing to keep an open mind about the sprint qualifying, and glad they're doing a limited test. That way if it doesn't really work, not much is lost.

    FlarecobraFlarecobra7 dagar sedan
  • There are plenty of reasons against it, while all the benefits are hypothetical ones.

    Sven wSven w7 dagar sedan
  • Seems they are trying everything to prevent a Hamilton championship.

    Stephen MorganStephen Morgan7 dagar sedan
  • The next thing will be to get the drivers to drive their cars from one circuit to the next, televise it, and give points to the drivers who get to the next venue first...

    Nick JefferyNick Jeffery7 dagar sedan
  • @MATTYWTF1 people don't realise if it had gone his way Hamilton would be 9 times champion already, 2007 and 2015

    NutCrackerNutCracker7 dagar sedan
  • Take it from an American. You don’t want too much change. Eventually you will end up with NASCAR and European racing will die.

    John BarberJohn Barber7 dagar sedan
  • I believe the incentive of sprint qualy is for bottom-tier teams to be more aggressive and provide them a platform to integrate with the midfield where constructor prize money is all to play for?

    Living with the SunshineLiving with the Sunshine7 dagar sedan
  • Tommy's mic is in a different timezone to his mouth.

    Ben HodgesBen Hodges7 dagar sedan
  • Hi there! i'm a new F1 fan, and i am flat on excited of the new sprint qualifying because it will make it "new". And i think that's what they are trying to do. Anyway love your channel! tx for explainig so much stuff so good :)

    Dario BuzzibubuDario Buzzibubu7 dagar sedan
  • No tv station broadcasts the F1 on Friday here. So for these weekends I am missing Quali.

    sir eatsallotsir eatsallot7 dagar sedan
  • The math is simple, two races better than one. 😃

    Dave JDave J7 dagar sedan

    TommoTommo7 dagar sedan
    • Gave it the 69th like, nice

      TitaTita2 dagar sedan
    • Hey Tommo

      Prisoner MonkeysPrisoner Monkeys6 dagar sedan
    • @Jorden ! he had a livestream on it. See his channel

      Saad HaqueSaad Haque6 dagar sedan
    • Ey tommo are you gonna make a vid on this sprint quali? Love the vids

      Jorden !Jorden !7 dagar sedan
  • You talked about the casual fans and what do they think? I imagine the problem there is the fact that in many regions F1 is behind paywalls now, and casual fans as such will decrease over time anyway - where will they get the next generation of fans to the sport I wonder?

    nkristjannkristjan7 dagar sedan
  • It kind of seems like the FIA wants to do several things with this. 1. Limit practice one and 2, so as to keep the cars/setups simple and closer/equal for qualifying. 2. The parity in the grid from q1 carry's on to the quali race. Anything can happen in the quali race due to setup/tire strategy. 3. You have a mix of the Constructors instead of the top 3 and a grid penalty pushing up the best of the rest. Should lead to a more interesting race. 4. Put fans in the stands and make more money and have more exciting racing all 3 race days. Only cons are a crash in the quali race, which drops you to the back of the grid. I haven't looked at how it works, I'm assuming q1 determines the grid for the quali race. And the result of the quali race determines the grid for the GP. Correct me if I'm wrong on that. Just my opinion. It's probably a move for more money and make things interesting.

    Steve AwesomeSteve Awesome7 dagar sedan
  • My biggest problem with it as-pitched is one you all mention: How is the hell is this supposed to have any impact on the actual race? Quali P1 starts in P1 for the sprint quali, and is virtually guaranteed to end up P1 or P2 to start the Sunday race barring some random mishap. The only excitement from a Saturday Sprint Quali is going to be waiting to see if someone breaks down or crashes, as the first 15 laps of most races are pretty tame once they start to string out. Pit stops are where they usually start to get interesting if they're going to, and these sprint races are too short for pit stops.

    Colin GColin G7 dagar sedan
  • I'm an invested MotoGP fan and I seldomly watch the quali sections, mostly cause starting positions though important are nowhere near as crucial as in a 4 wheeled series.

    ArthurAlcantaraArthurAlcantara7 dagar sedan
  • This is only going to lead to a wider disparity between the back markers and the rest of the grid. In the long run the results will be the exact opposite of reverse grid races.

    TacticalBunnyCATacticalBunnyCA7 dagar sedan
  • To me, make qualifying for the race on sunday. And have a top 8 reverse grid for the sprint race. So you’ll have an exciting saturday where the faster cars should be fighting to get to the front. Without taking away anything that is in place with the current qualifying and race format. Also because its top 8 reversed, drivers can’t just for the slowest time in Q3 to start in p1 for the sprint race. And if you have limited points (10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1) it wont artificially change the championship standings too much

    Ruud BakkerRuud Bakker7 dagar sedan
  • I like the podcast and have been listening for a while but one thing that is incredibly annoying is that Katie‘s points are regularly shut down/ignored because Matt and Tommy always speak before she’s able to give her take on something. Automatically she’s forced to repeat herself and dive into extra details to be able to make an original point, which is why I’m guessing she always prepares extra stats/info/whatever. It’s just annoying to see week after week Katie putting in the effort but her points being ignored or immediately followed up by a transition to another topic by Matt

    deniztalksdeniztalks7 dagar sedan
  • It will take away from the actual race as it's pretty much set which drivers will be where in the race. The nice thing about existing qualifying is it's a bit all or nothing so you can get pole or be 10th. This format will allow better drivers and cars rise to the top and make the race even more boring as the drivers will generally be where they belong.

    H GH G7 dagar sedan
  • I think it's called sprint qualifying because they feel as though the term "race" is a valueable one and they are under the impression it would be devalued by using it too "loosely" for this

    MetamonogatariMetamonogatari7 dagar sedan
    • and apparantly it would cause some kind of mess with the regulations

      MetamonogatariMetamonogatari7 dagar sedan
  • It's basically the same as having a race where there's a red flag and a restart 1/3rd through the race. I can't decide if it's going to allow drivers to be more or less aggressive in the sprint race and therefore promote drama and overtaking.

    JohnJohn7 dagar sedan
  • I'm fully thrilled about the sprintraces. It'll take nothing from the main race, imo. I think this will make it worth the ticket prices.

    GoogolGoogol7 dagar sedan
  • Will we have coverage by channel 4? And qually

    edzgt5edzgt57 dagar sedan
  • You had me at, "My waving little puppets."

    John NorrisJohn Norris7 dagar sedan
  • I'd like to see a video about how Alpha Tauri is it's own team, despite the heavy Red Bull connections (likewise with Alfa Romeo / Sauber vs Ferrari?) Could make for an interesting analysis

    GoogolGoogol7 dagar sedan
  • Unless you finish in the first 3 places, the teams and drivers will get nowt. So I think some teams will be happy to cruise the sprint in order to keep engines, etc fresh for the main event. Seems a waste of time, because the fastest teams will still start at the front of the grid.

    Andy GlastonburyAndy Glastonbury7 dagar sedan
  • Happy to see the channel Growing!! Nice work guys... Good content 👏🙂👍

    Bala Hari SankarBala Hari Sankar7 dagar sedan
  • I think it adds a spicy level of complexity to strategies. I am not 100%ly sure on the rules, but there might be exploits available for smaller teams that start from the back more often. Maybe they are more inclined to go for something risky in the sprint race whereas the front runners would rather want to keep risks at a minimum. Given that the sprint race itself does not offer a lot of points there is much more to gain for the guys at the back than at the front. Looking forward to that.

    riquelmeoneriquelmeone7 dagar sedan
  • should be reverse grid for it to be at least some what interesting

    Cam AndersonCam Anderson7 dagar sedan
  • Ham the TRUE Champion???? OK Max YOU MUST WIN WITH A VERY LARGE MARGIN before the brits are willing to accept that their winner has lost. (he did a Brexit).

    Jeroen BonsJeroen Bons7 dagar sedan
  • 1) The reason its call sprint quali is coz they didn't want to dilute the main event which is the Sunday race 2) who asked for this? Promoters. This is part of the push to make F1 more viable for host venues so they're not losing money. That's why normal quali has been moved to Friday so that more people buy tickets for Friday/the whole weekend. I assume having the 2nd practice session was to appease the teams who weren't happy with only 1 practice session, same reasoning behind the altered Parc Ferme rules

    twhiteofrd_110twhiteofrd_1107 dagar sedan
  • How do you go from complaining about “Americanizing” with gimmicks to begging for a reverse grid which is one of the most gimmicky ideas possible?

    Ogreman222Ogreman2227 dagar sedan
  • It’s absurd that F1 “fans” are crying about this. We haven’t even seen it yet. There are two types of people that fear change and my guess is that these are not the people that F1 is trying to develop interest in. Fans are where the money comes from and in order to continue growth, fan base must be increased. The comment by Matty about making it “more American” is a lazy garbage comment. People who are complaining about not being able to watch qualifying because they are at work are full of nonsense, record it!!!! I don’t know if it will be a great addition or not but I’m excited that F1 are trying new things

    Big Jimi JamesBig Jimi James7 dagar sedan
  • It's interesting but I feel there wasn't something wrong with the base format. Also I think the excitement in Qualy will be less because the meaning of pole is lesser.

    Joost SeisveldJoost Seisveld7 dagar sedan
  • The thing that worries me most about this is something that Gary Anderson pointed out on The-Race: If the Grand Prix on Sunday is done using "the two remaining sets of tyres", that means a guaranteed 1-stop race for all cars - exactly what we've been trying to get rid of for years now. EDIT: Unless it is just worded badly, and the teams are allowed to use scrubbed sets from previous sessions. Hopefully that is the case.

    grizzlyhamstergrizzlyhamster7 dagar sedan
  • Never understood the concept of reverse grids. Why would you bother to qualify at the front? Maybe no qualifying and just base the grid on reverse championship order. Or you have normal qualifying then for 6 races or so a 'lotto type machine' decides if the grid will be reversed or not but only after qualifying.

    liam theurchinliam theurchin7 dagar sedan
  • I was excited by the idea at first but now after listening to this podcast, I'm very concerned. Where's the real motivation to take extra risk to pass if you're not likely to be in the top 3?? Now instead, if they have normal full points for the qualifying sprint result and the full points for the race result, added them and divided by 2 (the average of both), and used that for the championship table, the problem would be solved and everyone would be motivated.

    Jamie BellJamie Bell7 dagar sedan
    • I think this idea is doomed to failure though. Now, a reverse grid (championship order) qualification sprint race, that would have been something AWESOME to trial!!!

      Jamie BellJamie Bell7 dagar sedan
  • I'm well up for trying something new. The thing that I really hate though is qualifying on a Friday. The idea that I might not be able to watch it live because of work really pains me as a die hard F1 fan. I ALWAYS watch quali and race live. Why can't we have 2 practices on the Friday and quali for the sprint race on Saturday morning? That element feels like trying to commercialise Fridays as a shoehorned side effect. I think it could work with tweaks but that aspect of it is a non starter for me.

    Andrew TyrrellAndrew Tyrrell7 dagar sedan
  • If this screws up verstappens title shot I’m calling asterisk on the whole season 🙃

    Weigner LeignerWeigner Leigner7 dagar sedan
  • F1 did a survey last year for fans asking if they would like a sprint qualifying

    DanDan7 dagar sedan
  • I would be in favour if only they started one session in reverse championship order instead of giving the fastest teams an extra opportunity to get to the front.

    Tom HutchinsTom Hutchins7 dagar sedan
  • Good thing is no representative race trim ! ...it is kind of unknown going in to main race.

    senthil kumarsenthil kumar7 dagar sedan
  • Please NO! to reverse grids... too many sister teams and complex interests, like Russell holding up Max, Tsunoda hitting Lewis... it's just horrible in every way.

    BeepstarBeepstar7 dagar sedan