Drive To Survive Season 3 Ep 1-2 | WTF1 Watchalong

19 mar 2021
53 188 visningar

Join Matt, Tommy and Katy for a watchalong of the first two episodes of Netflix's Drive To Survive Season 3.
#wtf1 #drivetosurvive
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  • Why the fuck you didnt put the video on screen

    Mobile GamesMobile Games8 dagar sedan
  • Lawrence Stroll is the Godfather, period.

    Valk_72Valk_72Månad sedan

    joey 2jjoey 2jMånad sedan
  • It's more a spoil along. Idiot!

    TheAlphaMingTheAlphaMingMånad sedan
  • Christian Horner "rivaling literally everything" is a perfect way to describe him.

    Guido GuidoGuido GuidoMånad sedan
  • Please do the rest of the season!

    End Him RightlyEnd Him RightlyMånad sedan
  • It really was that magic moment in Melbourne that I'm sure everyone went through, where people realised this could be dangerous, and maybe perhaps we should work at home... and then there's this big car race in town. It was our week where everything changed. I think maybe thinking about the race helped us react a bit faster to it all.

    Greg McPhersonGreg McPhersonMånad sedan
  • Things being missed is dissapointing but understandable, however the way Netflix just outright lies to the audience constantly left me mega fuming. It's cuts and radio messages, re-used multiple times, from a different race entirely, about a different person from a different time. The season was dramatic enough, all your efforts to overdramatize made it less than the season itself, and was just annoying. Season 3 was a chance to shake it up, go in race order with shorter episodes spreading the story across the season and you would have included more content in tighter episodes and kept everyone engaged to a crescendo at the end.

    TheBeanBoxTheBeanBoxMånad sedan
  • Holy cow there are so many commercials guys

    deucefranchisedeucefranchiseMånad sedan
  • Way too many ads

    whale oil beef hookedwhale oil beef hookedMånad sedan
  • episode 9 was best by far

    jackson ;jackson ;Månad sedan
  • WTF1 Waterbottle Sponsored by BWT

    LeightonLeightonMånad sedan
  • 3 2 1 go

    Ryan HewittRyan HewittMånad sedan
  • That was so cool, please do the rest of the season!

    geri28geri28Månad sedan
  • Everything for the show and the money.... Seems like watching races with different radios.

    Marjan BMarjan BMånad sedan
  • I hate it so much that Netflix uses other scenes of celebrations, when Ocon passed Stroll on the last lap in Abu Dhabi, they used Renault celebrating while you saw the bahrain track in the tv

    feel thatfeel thatMånad sedan
  • nah pls do the rest of the season I need another reason to rewatch

    bassxalfbassxalfMånad sedan
  • Really disappointed fake radios not showing everything and really under hyped and done terribly not gonna lie what a shame

  • I wonder who is the bigger villain between lawrence stroll or christian horner in dts 🤔😕

    Andre FaelnarAndre FaelnarMånad sedan
  • The adverts every few minutes make this borderline unwatchable after the fact :(

    Patty O'FurniturePatty O'FurnitureMånad sedan
  • Guys just skip the video all the way to very end, hit replay and then all the ads will go away!!

    Aylín EspinoAylín EspinoMånad sedan
  • Not sure why I’m being to what adverts every 3 minutes. I am happy to watch one ad, I am not happy to have to keep pressing the skip ad button

    David ColiDavid ColiMånad sedan
  • They showed Hamilton in a bad light unfairly and without context. For example the second Monza episode they removed all context of the “In in in in in in” message from Bono- making it seem like Hamilton made that decision himself! And didn’t show that it was the team that messed up.

    Diana MaioruDiana MaioruMånad sedan
  • My favourite part was where Ferrari was asking Seb not to joke after a bad race. His reaction to “what is he supposed to do” was priceless

    Sloppy ToonsSloppy ToonsMånad sedan
  • Do you want any more ad’s?

    James BentleyJames BentleyMånad sedan
  • 25:36 me right now. :D

    Marcel GerberMarcel GerberMånad sedan
  • This show has major issues .. Im aware its very difficult to try to piece all the story lines of a F1 season but.. 1- The sequencing of the Season is very poor.. They cover certain races like the Italian GP 3 times while other races Nothing 2- The overdramatization is egregious .. I understand they want to sell formula one.. But they gave it so much sauce especially to the Grosjean accident it made you think it was Jesus emerging from the fire.. That accident was an incredible event but it was horrific how they treated it 3- The fake commentary.. Oh my lord that is soo annoying... you get a fake commentator getting excited about an overtake for 14th position .. just vomit inducing 4-Will Buxton is normally ok but on this Netflix show .. dear god .. his fake acting or sincerity is horrific . speaking of which .. WHY IS HE and Gow are THE ONLY JOURANLIST INTERVIEWD ABOUT F1.. Netflix need to get the Sky F1 guys involved ..

    • @Benn87 Totallu agree.. I think one of the biggest problems with current F1 narrative is this emphasis on the drivers and their personality and journey .. which is soo lame and wrong .. cos F1 is about the cars and the technical brilliance and solutions .. thats how you can get people excited about F1.. not by making a glorified indycar series with standard components and stifling innovation

    • Yes, they want to advertise Formula 1. The problem is that F1 is now "hidden" behind a paywall in most countries. If I had never heard of F1 and decided to get a Sky subscription because of DTS, I would probably want my money back.

      Benn87Benn87Månad sedan
  • i hate it when they say " going through the last corner!" and the clip is like from another f track like do u think we are retarded?

    Sebastian BuseSebastian BuseMånad sedan
  • So many ads makes this unwatchable

    MrAJScottyMrAJScottyMånad sedan
  • Trying to watch this but You tube has already inserted 5 adds in the first 15' of the podcast. Not your fault but it is getting inbrearrable

    AlainAlainMånad sedan
    • When a good channel runs out of idea but must create content. Let's watch this show that we cannot show you and listen to our comment. And for the privilege, You will get a commercial break every two minutes.

      AlainAlainMånad sedan
    • Actually it is their fault, they can set how many ads they want ..... Ca$h is king ... they said ironically

      K GillK GillMånad sedan
    • Crazy. It's worse than commercial television with some videos.

      RemonDXRemonDXMånad sedan
  • Love Katy’s shoey cup!

    Stephen MilesStephen MilesMånad sedan
  • Agree with Katy on the Lando podium, could have had like the clock going down as his lap happens, tense music etc.

    tg72201tg72201Månad sedan
  • To watch this, I used SEworld's picture in picture option. It allows SEworld to open a pop out module that remains the top layer over whatever else you are working on with your computer. It makes WTF1 appear over Netflix in the bottom right corner. All you need to do is have two tabs open. One with SEworld, one with Netflix. I know it seems obvious, but if you didn't know, try this! You might have to balance audio levels between the two tabs. Enjoy, stay safe!

    CafeCardCafeCardMånad sedan
  • Knowing Drive to Survive, it's entirely possible the woman shouting "cash is king" was actually shouting about it still being put on and could have not even said it that day.

    tg72201tg72201Månad sedan
  • Make this a series and watch the next episodes two at a time.

    Andrew WattsAndrew WattsMånad sedan
  • So many fking ads

    UNIA LTDUNIA LTDMånad sedan
  • Soo many episodes done in monza

    Sean The C6 QuadSean The C6 QuadMånad sedan
  • I cried again on episode 9😰😭🥺. It’s like it happened all over again

    Sean The C6 QuadSean The C6 QuadMånad sedan
    • Yeah

      Finn BergerFinn BergerMånad sedan
  • God Albons part was so hard to watch... I wish he was back tho

    Apollo-milkchocolateApollo-milkchocolateMånad sedan
    • Gasly's from last season was far more painful than this.

      Areeb SiddiquiAreeb SiddiquiMånad sedan
  • If the Schumacher name gets dragged through the mud, I've lost what little faith I had left in Haas

    chazlo95chazlo95Månad sedan
  • I loved seeing some content with my advert viewing today...

    Alex HealyAlex HealyMånad sedan
  • Damn SEworld adds.

    Tim EisenhauerTim EisenhauerMånad sedan
  • i did not see any ads

  • This is painful trying to watch back with SEworld ads every 3-5 minutes

    SupportYourLocalShortTrackSupportYourLocalShortTrackMånad sedan
    • Ca$h is king ...

      K GillK GillMånad sedan
  • Idk why but horner's joke about him being in his kitchen during the zoom call really cracked me up 😂

    William HealyWilliam HealyMånad sedan
  • I’d watch this watch along, but come on guys, 20 commercials????

    mr. GoodCatmr. GoodCatMånad sedan
    • Got to get that nicotine money

      Dave The fishDave The fishMånad sedan
    • Ca$h is King ...

      K GillK GillMånad sedan
  • Guys you make a watch along and put ads every 4 minutes so we have to resync it all the time, think about what you’re doing and also stop being greedy, I’ve noticed this channel is really bad for double ads and mid rolls.

    UzzyTUzzyTMånad sedan
    • It’s horrible

      K GillK GillMånad sedan
    • Yeah Also did you watch this whole vid coz i find it boring and a waste of time go watch . They arent showing netflix due to cc so what is the fun man ?

      UNIA LTDUNIA LTDMånad sedan
  • Really wanted to do this watchalong with the whole gang but I already immediately finished the entire season as soon as it came out, next year wtf1 🤩😭

    Nazar YousefNazar YousefMånad sedan
  • Sure you guys have enough ad placements..

    Klasco UnknownKlasco UnknownMånad sedan
    • Ca$h is king ....

      K GillK GillMånad sedan
    • It’s making it unbearable to watch, greedy.

      UzzyTUzzyTMånad sedan
  • OMG! Great idea guys! Currently taking the fastest shower of my life!! Yuki Tsunoda #1

    Formula NeoFormula NeoMånad sedan
  • Episode 6 and 9 probably one of the most emosional in this season.

    Joel VoermanJoel VoermanMånad sedan
    • I guess you meant 2 of the most... ;-) but agreed

      Jerry LeeJerry LeeMånad sedan
    • Nice

      spinnalaspinnalaMånad sedan
    • 69?

      TheGalonatorTheGalonatorMånad sedan
  • Tommy does look cute. Well-preserved for a man who was in Depeche Mode in the 80's.

    Jean GagnierJean GagnierMånad sedan
  • Watched 6 episodes today and it's funny how every time Hamiltons in it it's a penalty 🤣🤣

    Gravity PerformanceGravity PerformanceMånad sedan
    • It’s annoying too, because for example in Monza they cut out Bono’s “In in in in in in in” communication- which completely wreaks the context and puts Hamilton in a terrible light even though it was not his decision or fault.

      Diana MaioruDiana MaioruMånad sedan
  • Why so much Will Buxton? He ruined the whole thing for me! I thought season 2 was much better!

    Worlds Worst MusicianWorlds Worst MusicianMånad sedan
    • @needude72 hired by f1, not an f1 team, so still non bias towards the teams

      William HealyWilliam HealyMånad sedan
    • @William Healy but despite what his subheading says, he's not an "F1 journalist". He's hired directly by F1

      needude72needude72Månad sedan
    • @Worlds Worst Musician when it comes to reporting on it tho

      William HealyWilliam HealyMånad sedan
    • William Healy I don't think they are non biased. They all have their favourites.

      Worlds Worst MusicianWorlds Worst MusicianMånad sedan
    • Nah I like will buxton, journalists are a non bias point of view and they practically live in the sport

      William HealyWilliam HealyMånad sedan
  • Netflix should have done better.

    Naazmul HussainNaazmul HussainMånad sedan
  • I didnt know matt was married to a model.

    Nick PalumboNick PalumboMånad sedan
  • This season should be called: “Drive To Survive - Christian The Snitch

    RockPhonicRockPhonicMånad sedan
    • He can play the snitch role in an among us game 😂

      Andre FaelnarAndre FaelnarMånad sedan
    • I love how much shit he tries to stir up.

      Aren OliverAren OliverMånad sedan
  • I can't be the only one that gets annoyed by Netflix taking random commentary from other races and slapping them onto a clip to make it more dramatic

    Cameron WhitbreadCameron WhitbreadMånad sedan
    • I noticed this when they played Seb’s "Mein Gott, muss das sein?!" over his and Charles’ collision in Austria...

      Guido GuidoGuido GuidoMånad sedan
    • It's weird when they put the clip of Leclerc's accident before Gasly''s pit (monza).

      Zaki ShukorZaki ShukorMånad sedan
    • This is actually what Max Verstappen said and why he doesn't like the show and also probably the reason why he doesn't have so much screen time.

      Jerry LeeJerry LeeMånad sedan
    • Yes and they edit mechanics reacting to racing even when it’s from a different race. 🤦‍♂️

      Elliott WardleElliott WardleMånad sedan
    • @tg72201 exactly! Whoever watches that episode will get a wrong impression about them

      Valéria AlmeidaValéria AlmeidaMånad sedan
  • Mathew you legend

    Jexziel RiveraJexziel RiveraMånad sedan
  • My takeaways from the first two episodes: 1. Zak Brown is the chilliest boss 2. Lawrence Stroll is very scary 3. Lance Stroll needs some interview training 4. Seb apparently said the phrase Cash is king and it was attributed to Hamilton for some reason

    Valéria AlmeidaValéria AlmeidaMånad sedan
    • Lance seems like he’s having *such* a good time.

      Guido GuidoGuido GuidoMånad sedan
    • @Soham More what?

      bumdogbumdogMånad sedan
    • @Soham More seb and Lewis are good friends smh 🤦‍♂️ that’s the reason.

      Alan ALI 12Alan ALI 12Månad sedan