The Internet's Best Reactions To The 2020 Spanish Grand Prix

16 aug 2020
283 324 visningar

This week Matt takes a look at the best comments and reactions from the 2020 F1 Spanish GP at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

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  • F1 has been boring for years, it is not the fault of the Barcelona circuit. Greetings. :D

    FrankCastle10FrankCastle102 månader sedan
  • 2:29 didn´t aged well

    Lasse VergessenLasse Vergessen8 månader sedan
  • It's sad to say I actually did fall asleep during this race😂

    Charles StrongCharles Strong8 månader sedan
  • do you honestly want rain after the spanking lewis put on those boys in hungary and it wasn't even raining, track was just wet for a couple of munites. Plus the hotter it is the worse it is for mercedes and it should be better for verstappen. rain would cool the track which would allow the mercedes boys to really be able to let loose the field

    Courtney MichaelCourtney Michael8 månader sedan
  • Another boring race at spa

    OJD CreativeOJD Creative8 månader sedan
  • 6:36 🤣

    One OntumetseOne Ontumetse8 månader sedan
  • I kinda thought checo might have been asking about the mercs tires, he has quite some experience gauging tire life.

    Tayven StonerTayven Stoner8 månader sedan
  • If the FIA doesnt put some new rules (they said they will.) I think the engineers will soon drive the car with remote control.

    Mehmet KarabulutMehmet Karabulut8 månader sedan
  • switch up the schedule for rainy season races. doable?

    samuel mahersamuel maher8 månader sedan
  • Should've Watched the interview between Lance Stroll and David Coulthart after the race..... OMG. Lance gives us a look into how unprepared he was. lol. To DC's horror. please find it, Matt. It'll give you a laugh.

    samuel mahersamuel maher8 månader sedan
  • Get rid of team chat

    Lemony TangLemony Tang8 månader sedan
  • Spensered ber fanrterc

    Jamie TaylorJamie Taylor8 månader sedan
  • The most boring F1 season ever.....worse than 2004....better watch MotoGP where the results are unpredictable

    Anish MenonqAnish Menonq8 månader sedan
  • I think we all should be grateful that there is even racing. Instead of complaining just appreciate that they’re out there pretty much risking their health for our entertainment. 🤙🏽

    T J MontanaT J Montana8 månader sedan
  • Dumb

    Tamer AndaryTamer Andary8 månader sedan
  • Max drives a great race = Masterclass Lewis drives a great race = Boring race 🤔🤔

    James f1James f18 månader sedan
    • Racist

      TpkTpk8 månader sedan
  • Even Hamilton was bored, he didn't even know it was the last lap, HE WAS HALF A SLEEP!!!!!!!

    Nick KneeNick Knee8 månader sedan
  • That Mercedes tweet was hilarious Holy cow

    gt8margt8mar8 månader sedan
  • Perez beat stroll* but i guess aside from that, you could say he did well.

    Saïtri10Saïtri108 månader sedan
  • Yeah I fell asleep, no joke.

    MaFd0nMaFd0n8 månader sedan
  • Damn.. def was a solid tweet from Mercedes🤣🤣

    Diego OlanDiego Olan8 månader sedan
  • Last good race in Spain was in 2013... Still, this one was not so bad, the midfield had some interesting action

    Fábio RodriguesFábio Rodrigues8 månader sedan
  • I think team orders are absolutely fine, regarding wheel settings, tyre/car condition, where time is made and lost etc...where it doesn't work is when everyone is conserving one thing or another, as then most of the such calls are telling the driver to slow down. While conservation is waybtoo important as it is rn, team radio info is bad. Ditch the need to ever drive slowly, and I 100% support an abundance of info from the team

    Class 800Class 8008 månader sedan
  • If the team can make the car better than all other cars and have bad drivers winning races then teams can coach drivers to keep tyres in shape! End of it’s a team sport at the end of the day

    Kane JohnseyKane Johnsey8 månader sedan
  • I’m think it sort of ruins racing

    James PJames P8 månader sedan
  • I a moving to MotoGp

    Fernando TáboraFernando Tábora8 månader sedan
  • Wait dafuq about rain isn't Hamilton one of the best in f1 at wet weather driving? Like near-senna levels? WOULDN'T THAT JUST MAKE IT EVEN HARDER TO CATCH HIM?! ARE YOU FUKKIN MAD?

    JonManProductionsJonManProductions8 månader sedan
  • Whatever is best for the driver, whatever his preference is

    Mike PodMike Pod8 månader sedan
  • I saw the Renault trucks resting near the border of France at the highway like 2 days ago! No luck spotting any other team :(

    XELATOXELATO8 månader sedan
  • "Poor Sebastian he's a nice guy." I felt that

    crushedoreoscrushedoreos8 månader sedan
  • F1 almost as boring as blm.

    john doejohn doe8 månader sedan
  • Hamilton is ruining the sport, whether he likes it or not.

    Leonardo LupiniLeonardo Lupini8 månader sedan
  • Lose the wings + Gain downforce using fan tech. + N/A ENGINES. + Deregulate = Great racing. End of story

  • I second that rant.

    Sgt. NatkoSgt. Natko8 månader sedan
  • the team should not be allowed to communicate with the driver at all. there needs to be a button on the wheel that says 'box' and the crew then has to get ready. I believe that would make it very interesting to watch.

    Mr. BirneMr. Birne8 månader sedan
  • 3:05 Singling out BOT seems biased as this type of coaching chirping is there on all drivers' team radio.

    y1521t21b5y1521t21b58 månader sedan
  • I'd love to react on twitter for this, but I'm a Channel 4 highlights scrub

    HyperHyper8 månader sedan
  • Did nobody watch the midfield? There was some great racing there!

    DieWespeDieWespe8 månader sedan
  • Well at least it was better than France 2019

    InkballerInkballer8 månader sedan
  • Even a monkey can make it to P3 with a copy of the most overpower and booring car of the grid.

    HunteR3453HunteR34538 månader sedan
  • For the engine I don't mind but for how to drive a car is just not "driving without ead"

    TurboMTurboM8 månader sedan
  • I like raging Matty, welcome back! Good editing too 👌

    James NorrisJames Norris8 månader sedan
  • Ferrari Boss pushed the wrong switch.

    Fábio Domingos da silvaFábio Domingos da silva8 månader sedan
  • The way Ham is looking at Nico in that pic is like " dude what do you want ? "

    Mawile #303Mawile #3038 månader sedan
  • Anyone else played the Spanish GP in F1 2020 while the actual Spanish GP was ongoing?

    Frans97Frans978 månader sedan
  • Leclerc on undoing his belts: No need to be tied up in the car, tied up to a Ferrari for a few more years already.

    HariboHaribo8 månader sedan
  • I hate the insight info, why are they trying viewers like idiots, why are you telling me when the driver is likely to overtake another car , I want to watch the next 3 laps and find out. Get rid of them.

    TANTAN8 månader sedan
  • Seb: I'll go make my own team, with blackjack and hookers.

    Corvus AlbusCorvus Albus8 månader sedan
  • F1 hasn't gotten rain where as NASCAR has gotten rain almost every week since they have gotten back and they don't race in the rain so it's kinda annoying. Wanna switch?

    Btgoal342Btgoal3428 månader sedan
  • Race time is at 8am in this side of the world. I did turned the tv on, but kept on sleeping after a few laps...

    adrianagt123adrianagt1238 månader sedan
  • What's that Fanatec wheel in the middle? (4:20)

    Partap DavisPartap Davis8 månader sedan
  • Take all race day onboard telemetry away. Have some real split seconds decisions coming from the drivers feel.

    Chester CallahanChester Callahan8 månader sedan
  • Can't wait for Matt to get triggered by the AWS all time driver speed rating

    Nishant PradhanNishant Pradhan8 månader sedan
  • This IBR was 1000x more entertaining than the actual race.

    Gianni ArancioGianni Arancio8 månader sedan
  • I don't get why everyone hates the AWS tire graphics, they make perfect sense to me

    Evan NagyEvan Nagy8 månader sedan
  • Team orders should be reduced in my opinion. Don't completely get rid of them, they just shouldn't happen anywhere near as much as they do

    Evan NagyEvan Nagy8 månader sedan
  • There’s to much technology in the cars they need to take out what’s not needed and make the cars more roarer, and I also think with some poor performance some of the drivers are lazy.

    David EllisDavid Ellis8 månader sedan
  • I mean it was very impressive for Seb to be driving AND doing about 10 people’s job

    Charlotte HillCharlotte Hill8 månader sedan
  • the F1 viewing figures can't take another year and a half of races like that

    RobMRobM8 månader sedan
  • Why is the clock in the background not running? Questions!

    SchievelSchievel8 månader sedan
  • I appreciate you commenting on how Hamilton is doing a great job with the machine he has, but it's getting boring with the same results almost every race.

    Travis SanchezTravis Sanchez8 månader sedan
  • One way to fix Mercedes’ boring domination is to put two of the best drivers who r both number 1 drivers to have tension and more team dnf’s for them

    Jadon MilesJadon Miles8 månader sedan
  • I watched drive to survive on netflix not having watched F1 for about 7/8 years and thought damn I need to sub to sky sports I'm missing out, that was just before the hungain GP. Needless to say I canceled my subscription already.

    LukeLuke8 månader sedan
  • Rage kitchen returned 😂😂

    Luca BährLuca Bähr8 månader sedan
  • We don't hear enough of the coaching and team orders. It's so boring anything would help!

    Michael HodgsonMichael Hodgson8 månader sedan
  • Not sure why you'd criticise Albon for the incident with Hamilton in Austria when it was completely Hamilton's fault

    petertrickazpetertrickaz8 månader sedan
  • Last Lap Landon getting feedback on what to do: OMG THAT WAS SO GREAT GAIZ THIS IS WHYY WE WATCH F1 Drivers getting feedback on what to do: I don't like this. Make up your mind 🤣

    Photokan ImagingPhotokan Imaging8 månader sedan
  • Wtf1 is a borefest lol

    Count BlahCount Blah8 månader sedan
  • A Pizza needed when MercedeS are

    Naik KorraNaik Korra8 månader sedan
  • they should just have 2-4 times to use team radio... then „leave them alone“

    nordkapp 12nordkapp 128 månader sedan
  • if mercedes is ending in f1... we will have alot to looking forward too

    nordkapp 12nordkapp 128 månader sedan
  • I fell asleep watching it...

    S MiltonS Milton8 månader sedan
  • 10:07 hey Alex Albon, you should definitely come and listen to this advice. Totally agree man, do not think outside of every corner is your own space!

    jun z8jun z88 månader sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂😂 the Alex albon part.

    hammer #44hammer #448 månader sedan
  • Driver coaching: totally hate it. Lewis and Max never need it! Shows their class... They banned driver coaching for a short while when Mercedes were doing the same with Rosberg, the only way he could get anywhere near him especially in the races...

    ZoltanF1LHZoltanF1LH8 månader sedan
  • My favorite from AWS is either last week when Max pitted and it said Lewis would jump him by 2 seconds but came out 4.5 behind, nice 6.5 second discrepancy. Or last year can't remember where but Lewis had done like 30 laps on a set of tyres and they had at worst 70% potential he could do nearly 3 race distances on them...Nice....

    thenoobslayerthenoobslayer8 månader sedan
  • Honestly I don't feel like I saw a new race that weekend

    Suraj MaheshSuraj Mahesh8 månader sedan
  • The team were constantly telling the drivers what was going on becase they feared the driver might also fall asleep out of boredom

    AbrahamAbraham8 månader sedan
  • Oh my god it took me 3 business days to get Racing Point's joke

    Joaco MartinezJoaco Martinez8 månader sedan
  • What a whinge fest wtf1 and Matt are becoming

    PR83 GamingPR83 Gaming8 månader sedan
  • Someone is s🅱inning but it isn't 🅱ettel

    March HareMarch Hare8 månader sedan
  • Well its COVIDnt that i watch the highlight.

    Luke Daniel GalonLuke Daniel Galon8 månader sedan
  • Seb did 31 laps on the mediums, and 35 on the softs.... Wait.... Softs last longer right?

    Cristina BorchCristina Borch8 månader sedan
  • We need to change the radio rules! Make it a one way radio. Driver to pit except on yellow flags, and safety cars.

    Jason ArellanoJason Arellano8 månader sedan
  • well you say f1 needs more rain but hamilton is arguably more dominant in the rain😂

    jamerson sneddoniojamerson sneddonio8 månader sedan
  • It sounds like the cameraperson at 13:31 scoffs/suppresses a laugh when Matt says he hates the sound of his own voice 😭 Probably doesn't want to be caught agreeing too loudly (just kidding Matt, your voice is fine)

    Amalia BAmalia B8 månader sedan
  • Catalunya is a good test track, but the races are boring

    I am not JonI am not Jon8 månader sedan
  • Congratulations on two fall guys wins 👏👏👏

    karlakarla8 månader sedan
  • God calm the heck down Matt, like the passion but it's hard to watch

    Lewis FosterLewis Foster8 månader sedan
  • Well the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona is boring every time

    Horst HorstiHorst Horsti8 månader sedan
  • F1 will continue to be boring until Hamilton stops winning almost every race.

    Kristian AabergKristian Aaberg8 månader sedan
  • I stopped watching. It was bad when Formula 1 was 6 cars, now it's just 3 and the 2 Merc's only lose when they screw up, which happens less and less all the time, because they can put all their energy and money in that instead of trying to catch up. Let's face it: other teams cannot spend enough money in this world to catch up. We're so many years into this regulations and nobody has caught up. Something needs to give. Max is the only guy who can keep up somewhat because he's driving the wheels off that RedBull. The fact that the real race is happening an entire lap back is just stupid.

    Erwin MulderErwin Mulder8 månader sedan
  • Is watching the F1 today like watching the La Liga in the 2010s where no. 1 and 2 are almost always the same?

    Nick ChieraNick Chiera8 månader sedan
  • On I hate team orders

    Kopano Calvin DichabeKopano Calvin Dichabe8 månader sedan
  • Pronto Legle.., Lekle..., Leg... Sharl, spinalla

    Samer sparkSamer spark8 månader sedan
  • Thought you were better than this matty. The race was excellent. If you were a true F1 fan, you’d know that.

    KerbRiderKerbRider8 månader sedan
  • That's the problem with F1. All the best races have something unusual going on like a safety car just before the best time to pit, unexepected rain, exploding tyres etc. Yet whenever the subject of doing things like reverse grids, success ballast etc comes up people cry that it's too artificial and F1 is entertaining enough on it's own. Well put them on a track they know well with nothing out of the ordinary happening and it's the best cure for insomnia going for the man in the street.

    UK RacerUK Racer8 månader sedan
  • I dunno what race you all saw but there was always something happening. It was the most exciting race of the year, and tbh I think people are setting their expectations too high after Silverstone, but it certainly wasn't boring.

    NomadUniverseNomadUniverse8 månader sedan
  • How about this.....if Merc weren't there Max would be dominating! Anyway, its the Indy 500 this weekend.

    Jamie DeadmanJamie Deadman8 månader sedan
  • F1 can't get rain, no matter what they do. NASCAR can't get away from rain and more specifically lightning, no matter what they do

    Dallas CowbossDallas Cowboss8 månader sedan