The Internet's Best Reactions To The 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

18 apr 2021
381 705 visningar

Absolute CARNAGE!! Matt takes a look at the best comments and reactions from the 2021 Emilia Romagna (Imola) Grand Prix.
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  • Did i miss the Portugal's IBR?

    Danny LindelaufDanny Lindelauf9 timmar sedan
  • anybody know why there is no IBR for the portuguese GP so far?

    Chandramouli PalitChandramouli Palit12 timmar sedan
  • Where TF is the Portugal internet's best reactions?

    Luke VandenbergLuke Vandenberg19 timmar sedan

    Hrishi PolHrishi Pol2 dagar sedan
  • Bottas made Russell go onto the wet line hence the slip making it bottas’s fault

    Dream SquadDream Squad9 dagar sedan
  • 2:20 🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹 #EthiopiaF1

    Addis FootballAddis Football9 dagar sedan
  • Uhg, i woke up late and missed the good parts

    Madmans14Madmans1412 dagar sedan
  • I cant stop watching your eyebrows (so perfect 🙃)

    Cristián R. SepúlvedaCristián R. Sepúlveda12 dagar sedan
  • 16:08 no standing start because one side was dry racing line whereas other side was wet. Unfair conditions for the drivers on the wet side

    Seb VettelSeb Vettel12 dagar sedan
  • There is a rule that when your car is visibly damaged and you need to repair it you are allowed to drive through a close pit lane

    Alexander SporinskyAlexander Sporinsky12 dagar sedan
  • These posts and these vids from you are so much fun, why ruin it with that Race Rundown? :(

    Oscar OlieOscar Olie12 dagar sedan
  • 20:00 Well that didn't age well...

    Mike CMike C12 dagar sedan
  • My view on the Bottas-Russell crash - Bottas shouldn't have been in that position where he could be challenged byand a pass attempted on him by Russell's Williams. Bottas just needs to quit the sport and go do something else rather than wasting that Mercedes seat.

    AstrostevoAstrostevo13 dagar sedan
  • matt has got a square head

    jakejake13 dagar sedan
  • I find it weird that they never showed the cabin of Bottas in the crash I feel like Mercedes is hiding something. Perhaps the steering wheel proves he was squeezing Russell out. I can’t find any footage. Happy to be proved wrong.

    MrJHimselfMrJHimself14 dagar sedan
  • I was curious about the penalty awarded to Sebastien Vettel during the 2021 Emilia Romania GP. Why do you think the stewards waited until Sebastien came out of the pit to give him a pit lane penalty for something that occurred prior to the race start? I feel like it should have been given shortly after the race start so that the tram could at least try to maximize strategy for the remainder of the race. Thoughts?????

    CHEFCHEF14 dagar sedan
  • 14:16 Even Russel himself kind of sneakily said on German TV that Bottas would have reacted differently if it were someone else that tried to overtake him. 😁😄

    AlexAlex14 dagar sedan
  • 20:47, I'd like to buy an additional syllable for everyone's name ;) Tsunoda, Alonso, Schumacher, Mazepin

    Michael HinesMichael Hines14 dagar sedan
  • No no, you said "Showmacher"

    Harald BorstHarald Borst14 dagar sedan
  • i hope to see more tracks like Imola, it really challenges the drivers

    PiantaPianta14 dagar sedan
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    The Lottery ParadiseThe Lottery Paradise14 dagar sedan
  • Onje thing you missed the shit show that was Vettels race

    Hendrik B.Hendrik B.14 dagar sedan
  • crofty never knows whats going on, even without the spray.

    IsaacIsaac14 dagar sedan
  • I only got to watch it from lap 34 fml

    sstteevveenn77sstteevveenn7714 dagar sedan
  • Which corner is that over Matt's shoulder? It's doing my nut in.

    Paul TomlinPaul Tomlin14 dagar sedan
  • Which corner is that over Matt's shoulder? It's doing my nut in.

    Paul TomlinPaul Tomlin14 dagar sedan
  • Are there still people thinking Perez could actually challenge Max, cause weeks ago there were a lot of them

    Richard ter VeenRichard ter Veen14 dagar sedan
  • Boooring...

    GillesGilles14 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or did anyone else hear a phone ringing the from the live coverage?! I thought it was my neighbors, until i muted the audio to confirm

    YannickYannick15 dagar sedan
  • Netflix is AMAZING! F1 is f1

    John AndersonJohn Anderson15 dagar sedan
  • Both Sergio and Daniel IMO were slower than usual because of the conditions in a new car. theyre still coming up to speed snd you throw that in, they probably were prioritizing staying slive for points instead of binning it.

    RealReal15 dagar sedan
  • 21:22 showmacher You just rebabtize the kid 👶

    eodaraeodara15 dagar sedan
  • Every racing driver goes through a bad moment on the race track I guess Mick just wanted to get over his sooner than later 🤷‍♀️😬

    eodaraeodara15 dagar sedan
  • 2:19 is actually Addis Ababa, Ethiopia..... my home city 😁

    Hal JordanHal Jordan15 dagar sedan
  • I’m craving old IBR so much. Can’t wait for Matt to be with a proper camera not just a webcam.

    AD TimeAD Time15 dagar sedan
  • Why wasn't there anything on when Mick was accidentally called Michael Schumacher Edit ( did anyone else notice that?)

    Ruination 24Ruination 2415 dagar sedan
  • this is so baise towards lewis is just ugly to watch........

    LeviathanLeviathan15 dagar sedan
  • Sergio has never been an exeptional rain driver he always tends to struggle in changing conditions

    Ramiro SturlaRamiro Sturla15 dagar sedan
  • In the end, Russel finally found a way to appear in DTS (phone call with his girlfriend does not count)

    Cass La DémarcheCass La Démarche15 dagar sedan
  • idk why you make the race rundown but i enjoy it every time

    Davide Di TondoDavide Di Tondo15 dagar sedan
  • It was tosa

    Max WaiteMax Waite15 dagar sedan
  • valtteri its james, you need to create a safety car situation to get hamilton back on the podium

    eggegg15 dagar sedan
  • People here are so wishy washy... 1 minute they want to torture russel and the second they are okay with it. Fuck out of here

    SharpshotSharpshot15 dagar sedan
  • Didn't half the field use 2nd gear at Turkey 2020 and Albon & Verstappen couldn't with their RB16?

    Bas LeesbergBas Leesberg15 dagar sedan
  • I think Russel was so upset he didn't show up on Netflix's last season that he decided to spice things up just to get some screen time :D

    narigonenarigone15 dagar sedan
  • 'And now it's time for... Race rundown! With your host, Mathew, Gallagher!' The video - ...

    Jack StevensonJack Stevenson15 dagar sedan
  • Norris should have been 2nd and Charles 3rd..... Red flag saved lewis. He should have been a lap down. #BanUnlapping

    Chris KolkChris Kolk15 dagar sedan
  • Is it hard to call Lewis Hamilton, Sir? Our sports commentators call him Sir.

    Radu DumanovschiRadu Dumanovschi15 dagar sedan
  • Mazepin Crashes: He's a shit driver Mick Crashes: Haas is a shit car. 🤔🥴

    kyte2000kyte200015 dagar sedan
  • Lewis has gone off the track Toto- execute order 66

    Brandon MeulemanBrandon Meuleman15 dagar sedan
  • The problem Friday was that there was a glitch in the fiber optics infrastructure. On Sky Italia, I seem to have heard the commentators that a fiber cable was cut somehow along the autostrada near Imola, but I'm not sure about this.

    Fabreeze_27Fabreeze_2715 dagar sedan
  • This is and will remain the race of the year. (Meet you here in December).

    Fabreeze_27Fabreeze_2715 dagar sedan
  • Should really know the corner names Matt just another armature hour performance. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

    PR83 GamingPR83 Gaming15 dagar sedan
  • 3 dyas after the race I just realized that there is mineral water corner lol

    Dusan VukicevicDusan Vukicevic15 dagar sedan
  • Hi, what is the small blue thing on mercedes halo, is it just design? or does it serve any function? Thanks

    Radek SlavicekRadek Slavicek15 dagar sedan
  • At this point, George is trying to hard to get that point. He seemed to imply Bottas should just move over and let him through coz "he's not fighting for anything" or something like that.

    Mark FreemanMark Freeman15 dagar sedan
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    chief 1 redwolfchief 1 redwolf15 dagar sedan
  • Race direction was horrible! The guys kept talking about great battles going on and the cameras never found them.

    Alan GriffinAlan Griffin15 dagar sedan
  • I believe we give too much credit to Netflix. They completely missed Russel vs Bottas in Bahrain last season and showed Norris vs Sainz. I wouldn't be surprised if they miss this one too.

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake15 dagar sedan
  • Didn't Kimi lose the points to a penalty? It is a sad day.

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake15 dagar sedan
  • Make a video about the details of Hamilton beating Norris for 2nd position because he got a free ticket to 'unlap', change tyres, get a new front wing and remove the gravel from his car.

    Ruben RoosRuben Roos15 dagar sedan
    • I think that all that is very easy to explain, IT WAS ALL WITHIN THE RULES. Try learning the damn rules before posting stüpid comments in future.

      calibrazxr750calibrazxr75015 dagar sedan
  • Nothing on Hamilton being blessed by Fortuna?

    GebirgesGebirges15 dagar sedan
  • Yah know if Russell was in the Merc in the first place the incident would have never happened.

    TLR EclipseTLR Eclipse15 dagar sedan
    • And if it doesn't rain, and if Bottas had qualified better and if Russell had qualified better and if Latifi doesn't crash and and and... shit happens, it's that simple.

      calibrazxr750calibrazxr75015 dagar sedan
  • ok but how tf did hamilton get back to p2

    Everett blueEverett blue16 dagar sedan
    • Because he is the best driver out there right now, in a very good car and because he benefited from the results of various incidents that had nothing to do with him.

      calibrazxr750calibrazxr75015 dagar sedan
  • did Aston Martin just fire their guy from last season for social media or what?

    Jonathan McDonnellJonathan McDonnell16 dagar sedan
  • the fact that schumacher couldnt pit with a broken front wing is dumb...he was damaged he should have been allowed to come in was dangerous to let him drive without a front wing

    SlySpartan700SlySpartan70016 dagar sedan
  • Say Nakita, one more time!

    Nikita DubrovskihNikita Dubrovskih16 dagar sedan
  • Would Hamilton be P1, if he didn't slide off? Max had a little of 22(000) seconds lead at the flag.

    Nikita DubrovskihNikita Dubrovskih16 dagar sedan
    • He would have been P1 if Verstappen had slid off, but he didn't and so Lewis wasn't. We will never know what might have been, only what was.

      calibrazxr750calibrazxr75015 dagar sedan
  • Matt appreciates his fans more than the top 6 football clubs in England :)

    iiComment13iiComment1316 dagar sedan
  • Perhaps it's tricky not to come off as a catty youtuber, but I'd personally appreciate a video breaking down the differences between Drive to Survive and reality. I don't begrudge Netflix for it at all, I'm one of the fans they converted! But my memory doesn't commit team radio calls to my long term memory, and just don't spot the differences a year later when DTS comes out.

    Aussie AusbourneAussie Ausbourne16 dagar sedan
  • The best part of the pit lane closing on Schumacher was that he caused it to close in the first place

    Just JoshJust Josh16 dagar sedan
  • Matt, I think it's harder to direct the film production when camera operators can't see which cars are coming, nor have references for battles.

    Just JoshJust Josh16 dagar sedan
  • Max forced Hamilton off track on turn two LOL and you praise him he can’t win unless he races dirty

    Jacob MeltonJacob Melton16 dagar sedan
  • I feel like since Perez had almost no chance to get points they should've done a Mercedes in bahrain and gunned for fastest lap Albeit no points for him it's less points for Hamilton

    Che CerChe Cer16 dagar sedan
  • Someone had his eyebrows done in thirds. One third with, one third without, one third with. Did it hurt?

    Hugo CarvalheiroHugo Carvalheiro16 dagar sedan
  • You can see bottas was taking the only dry racing line and following the shape of the road. 80% Russells fault

    Gidi FihrerGidi Fihrer16 dagar sedan

    LSMBA_GamingLSMBA_Gaming16 dagar sedan
  • Mick: When you crash in the safety car phase but still manage to beat youre teammate by over 30 sek.🤷‍♂️

    Michael D. Uchiha90Michael D. Uchiha9016 dagar sedan
  • Europeans just can’t handle an outside overtake.

    Coolbreeze0988Coolbreeze098816 dagar sedan
    • Americans can't handle F1, or a track that isn't at least 40 meters wide, so I am not sure what your actual point here is.

      calibrazxr750calibrazxr75015 dagar sedan
    • And Americans can't handle right turns

      Matthias BorremansMatthias Borremans16 dagar sedan
  • You can’t really blame Perez under the safety car because the cars he overtook again clearly slowed down to let him past straight away

    VQS 74EOVQS 74EO16 dagar sedan
    • Of course you can blame him, he should know the rules by now.

      calibrazxr750calibrazxr75015 dagar sedan
  • I mean it was equal parts Perez overtaking under safety car as well as the McLaren and Ferrari completely slowing down like they were expecting him to get back in position

    JigsawLVJigsawLV16 dagar sedan
  • 70/30 bottas fault

    MahoyageMahoyage16 dagar sedan
  • Hamilton is still the king

    Scott L.Scott L.16 dagar sedan
  • Why can’t I spam the like button! Love this bit.

    Mark TMark T16 dagar sedan
  • Race rundown is wrong, Raikkonen got a penalty

    Roble urniRoble urni16 dagar sedan
  • Netflix will still find a way to put Sebs: MEIN GOTT MUSS DAS SEIN, team radio in when bottas and Russel crash

    Winney JrWinney Jr16 dagar sedan
  • Netflix Netflix Netflix Netflix..... great race boring IBR

    Juan SalgadoJuan Salgado16 dagar sedan
  • I can't wait to see if there's a retraction/amendment to statements that Bottas shared any blame in that crash in the wtf1 podcast. Here Matt was still saying Bottas darted right at Russell so this must have been before the investigation and the telemetry showed Bottas did no such thing nor did he squeeze Russell. This was 100% Russell's fault. The stewards said racing incident and blamed conditions, but that implies Russell is just stupid, that he dipped a tire on wet grass on purpose apparently not knowing it was wet. This is very simple, he made a mistake and caused a big wreck. I don't understand the piling on Bottas. I know he had a terrible weekend, he was slow, OK, but it seems that people think that means he deserved to get punted into a wall.

    Michael PolinskiMichael Polinski16 dagar sedan
  • Can a driver get more overrated than Russel?

    Mihai FlorinMihai Florin16 dagar sedan
  • should of given an honorary point to the Renault Clio Cup for their rebuttal to the Toto Wolff comment...EPIC!

    Ash HobsonAsh Hobson16 dagar sedan
  • Perez was a bit stupid for overtaking under the safety car. but if you look on his onboard. the 2 cars in front actually slowed down to let him pass again. which is why i can understand Perez's confusion if he was allowed to re-overtake or not.

    A Random DutchmanA Random Dutchman16 dagar sedan
  • These new regs are definetly increased overtaking

    Oskari JokinenOskari Jokinen16 dagar sedan
  • It's kind of annoying that now any discussion of F1 events ends up boiling down to how Netflix is going to react,

    David ReichertDavid Reichert16 dagar sedan
  • At least russel will show up in dts this year

    Zoe.SchZoe.Sch16 dagar sedan
  • 20:09 This didn't age well

    4utM4utM16 dagar sedan
  • How is it even possible that bottas can race on ice and with snow. But when there is Rain he fails bad

    Zoe.SchZoe.Sch16 dagar sedan
  • I was annoyed about the fact that Russel wen’t and argued at bottas and hit him, when he didn’t know what bottas’s condition was as he hadn’t gotten out of the car.

    Oscar JenningsWhiteOscar JenningsWhite16 dagar sedan
  • I was debating who fault it was in the bottas Russel accident when I realised that a Williams is overtaking a Mercedes crazy

    Illya KushnirIllya Kushnir16 dagar sedan
  • 5:08 Image if mazepin spun everyone would be raging

    4utM4utM16 dagar sedan
  • How can you have the toto skater tweet in the top 3 of the social media championchip and not Red Bulls reply to it?

    Paul van der MeerPaul van der Meer16 dagar sedan