Are Street Circuits F1's Future?

9 apr 2021
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Is it the end for more traditional venues? Will the changes to Albert Park help overtaking? Can Nico Hulkenberg still make a comeback? Matt, Tommy and Katy discuss this and more in the latest WTF1 Podcast.
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00:00 Intro
04:04 Hulkenberg to Aston Martin
12:30 Vettel and penalty points
23:20 Albert Park changes
30:03 Is the future street circuits?
35:30 Sprint races
44:24 Final thoughts
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  • In short: No. Not completely. TLDR: I have faith in the the big brass of F1 that they will not take complete leave of their senses and abandon their history by ditching purpose built race tracks. Yes city tracks bring in money but so does their heritage. The perfect balance is more real race tracks with city tracks scattered in between imo. Have fun making that carbon neutral though.

    GloomGaiGarGloomGaiGar11 dagar sedan
  • F1 needs 36 races, with a few ovals thrown in there

    Metric GamingMetric Gaming11 dagar sedan
  • 30 races but each driver can only drive a maximum of 20 with 3 drivers per team

    Will WrenWill Wren16 dagar sedan
  • that aged well with miami coming ^^

    Son NguyenSon Nguyen16 dagar sedan
  • Just so long as the Australian GP doesn't move to Canberra. No room, too busy dealing with the rest of the country's politicians.

    Amanda JonesAmanda Jones17 dagar sedan
  • Wasn't Vietnamese supposed to be in the three week gap originally and that's why the three week gap

    Jay BurgessJay Burgess19 dagar sedan
  • Hate to say it but I believe Seb has lost is mojo

    xWHOGAFxxWHOGAFx20 dagar sedan
  • Manscaped is the new Raid Shadow Legends

    Ben McCloyBen McCloy21 dag sedan
  • City circuits suck

    Beach&BoardFanBeach&BoardFan21 dag sedan
  • Here's the idea for the sprint race: Top four qualifiers on Friday aren't allowed to participate in the sprint race, the other 16 race for half points, and the the top 4 regain their positions on Sunday followed by Saturday's finishing order ---------------------------------------------------------

    Derek LushDerek Lush21 dag sedan
  • 38:51 nuttin but quality content from my WTF1 fam

    Mark PellmanMark Pellman21 dag sedan
  • On the subject of 12 point bans, I expect that the FIA would probably do a suspended ban - you can race, but if you do *anything* wrong, then you get the full ban, similar to Vielleneuve, Schumacher etc back in the mid 90s.

    ArrZarrArrZarr21 dag sedan
  • "If Yuki Tsunoda starts crashing into people" ?? What?? lol You obviously meant to say what if Nikita Maxspin starts crashing into people?? LOL

    gibu002gibu00221 dag sedan
  • How do you do, fellow F fans

    Alexandra31TAlexandra31T21 dag sedan
  • Let me see if I get this right: F1 is trying to reduce costs to the teams by various means-less testing and such-but then has to spend more for temporary circuits? No-permanent tracks will always be around.

    2themoon2themoon22 dagar sedan
  • Yeah it was April the second when they announced it

    Chris eastonChris easton22 dagar sedan
    • In Australia

      Chris eastonChris easton22 dagar sedan
  • Title: fuck no.

    Marko ZivanovicMarko Zivanovic22 dagar sedan
  • I think street circuits are great budget wise. Countries without much heritage such as Vietnam would really benefit from that rather than building a purpose built circuit. It also means that it would be easier to cycle through and introduce the series to a new audience.

    Place HolderPlace Holder22 dagar sedan
  • 29:05 cough cough abu dhabi

    alfi ealfi e22 dagar sedan
  • I don’t worry about missing Friday practise because of work, but I would be annoyed missing qualifying. Do they honestly expect to get a decent audience in the middle of a day on Friday?

    John GranahanJohn Granahan22 dagar sedan
  • Katy was so done with your nonsense at the end XD

    Colonel RPGColonel RPG22 dagar sedan
  • If street curcuit's the future, I'm hoping that they would race on the main Tokyo Highways Wangan MidNight style

    Ameline StarkmanirAmeline Starkmanir22 dagar sedan
  • Street Circuits are F1´s nail in de coffin.

    AceirinAceirin22 dagar sedan
  • "Traditional race tracks" are all street circuits, nearly every single track today, if it's been around since before the 60s, was a street circuit.

    Declan RexDeclan Rex22 dagar sedan
  • I actually hope so! F1 has ruined too many tracks already! Keep them far away from the few great tracks that still exist.

    Yoshi KempenaersYoshi Kempenaers22 dagar sedan
  • When they did the Formula E race in Rome, of all places, I thought.... how tf they did it with all the horrible road holes there are in the city😂

    hexhex23 dagar sedan
  • I don't want reverse grids because even if the lower teams have a chance to win, in my eyes it won't be a real win, therefore the stakes just aren't as high

    William HealyWilliam Healy23 dagar sedan
  • OMG.... You guys just complained about 3:26 about how boring this break was... That was as painful as the topic you were discussing😳😒

    Shawn van ZylShawn van Zyl23 dagar sedan
  • Bet Mercedes will be spamming that Rush option in the R&D tree for these 3 weeks since they've Tier 3 facilities.

    Apophis STRApophis STR23 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, this break after the first race of the season is dissappointing.

    Costin CristeaCostin Cristea23 dagar sedan
  • Reverse Grid? Its still a sport, not a random reality-show game. When Red Bull is infront, because they are fastest, they deserve it. If Williams is infront, because they are slowest, they dont deserve it. I dont get how you could want a Reverse Grid in a sport.

    Lev StockmannLev Stockmann23 dagar sedan

    Hell 98Hell 9823 dagar sedan
  • F1 will always follow the money, so it's street circuits all the way going forward. Which is a shame imo!

    Bad at gamesBad at games23 dagar sedan
  • Rules are rules. If Vettel gets 12 points ban him regardless. He knows the rules. It's like Track Limits. The drivers know the tracks. Why relax the rules?! They're there. Stick to them.

    Chris CleeChris Clee23 dagar sedan
  • "A Kick in the Metaphorical Nuts" - please make this a t-shirts on the @wtf1 store!

    Luke ParkerLuke Parker23 dagar sedan
  • I have to say given that the grid for F1 sprint races will be set from qualifying and the sprint race will then set the grid for the main race, I will be happy if only very few points (or none) are given for the sprint race. We don't want to give the best teams significantly more easy points. Now, what would be more entertaining would be if you copy the F2 format for the sprint race 1 and feature race (and don't do a sprint race 2) on tracks where you can overtake: you have quali as usual which sets the grid for the main race, but before the main race you have a sprint race giving significant points (but much less than the main race) where you reverse the top 10 from qualifying. This would allow us to have a race that would encourage the quickest cars towards the back of the top 10 to work hard to get back to the top to get good points, without them worrying about crashing out and starting from the back of the grid for the main race. This format does massively bias those who can get into the top 10 in quali, but I think that sacrifice is worth it for very entertaining sprint races. I would suggest that this format gets used at less than half of races each year.

    AdnyAdny23 dagar sedan
  • To answer the title, No, Street Circuits aren't going to be the future. We have 5 this year (Monaco, Baku, Singapore, Melbourne and Jeddah) in a 23 race calendar, with the last new one being Baku in 2017 technically (Canada isn't a street circuit).

    AyyFujiAyyFuji23 dagar sedan

    kinetikkinetik23 dagar sedan
  • Dear Katy, What you said about Street Circuits and Formula E is complete rubbish. A 15 year old who can afford to be at Monaco easily can afford transport to a race track. As there always will be huge numbers of buses for public transport when there is a big event. You seem to never have been there? Formula E is NOT FREE OF POLLUTION. They are using huge Diesel generators to charge the cars. Which is the worst way to do it.

    martin oberngrubermartin oberngruber24 dagar sedan
  • We want more classic circuits and what they do is either take us to Azerbaijan or they remove corners from the classics and add more crap DRS zones.

    fallenshallrisefallenshallrise24 dagar sedan
  • Yes !! Too long in between races!! Not a huge fan of city races... prefer the purpose built tracks. SPA, Red bull etc...

    Jason IvesJason Ives24 dagar sedan
  • @TommyWTF1 Thats a nice chair you have there

    Georgerussellfan 63Georgerussellfan 6324 dagar sedan
  • Title : Lol no.

    Silver2909Silver290924 dagar sedan
  • My favourite non street circuit tracks Silverstone Spa Turkey Imola Suzuka Sao Paulo (I think spellt wrong sorry)

    Georgerussellfan 63Georgerussellfan 6324 dagar sedan
  • Chicago GP

    JulioJulio24 dagar sedan
  • As a Melbournian, the Albert Park circuit is not a great place to watch the race for a general spectator, its flat and has a lot of trees. As such, unless you have a granstand ticket, watching on the TV can be a better option. However, Melbourne seriously know how to put on a good event, there's so much other stuff to see, watch, learn about, try... for adults, kids, etc. And, there's always so many support categories and other tiers of racing on the same weekend around the times when F1 are on track, so if you do go the the track, you are constantly entertained. In comparison, I attended the F1 at COTA in Austin a few years ago, and the amount of time spent with the circuit empty waiting from some cars to come out was far too long.... however the spectator visibility of the circuit was great thanks to the undulations around the track. TLDR; yes watching Albert Park for just the F1 race can the dull, but the overall event itself in person can be thrilling. Meanwhile, some other circuits don't yet know how to make an 'event' out of F1.

    BEAVIS MotorsportBEAVIS Motorsport24 dagar sedan
  • What's a street circuit?? I've just seen where they're building a new "street circuit" in maybe Malaysia .... isn't that a track??

    Snoopy The DogSnoopy The Dog24 dagar sedan
  • I hope not!!!!!

    Randomdude8Randomdude824 dagar sedan
  • When are we having a multi store car park races? There Won’t be any track limits that for sure

    Chris ReadmanChris Readman24 dagar sedan
  • Portimão track was built in 2008. Estoril used to be the traditional Portuguese GP

    Ivo CarvalhosaIvo Carvalhosa24 dagar sedan
  • Traditional circuit >>>>>>> street circuits

    FireStormHRFireStormHR24 dagar sedan
  • NOOOO!!!!!!

    KyparnKyparn24 dagar sedan
  • World Super bikes do sprint races in Saturday with half points so the winner gets 12.5 2nd 10 3rd 8 and so on.

    Theomen ThorneTheomen Thorne24 dagar sedan
  • I want to order a lando deck chair phone cover from your online shop, but does it only come in yellow?

    Louis JoubertLouis Joubert24 dagar sedan
  • No. Not safe enough and cause too much trouble.

    Bob FgBob Fg24 dagar sedan
  • Consistancy! For all of the rules, for all of the field.

    Big BootsBig Boots24 dagar sedan
  • Tommy's new office space looks ACE in the background

    Aylín EspinoAylín Espino24 dagar sedan
  • I love Vettel, but if the FIA wants the drivers to treat the penalty system seriously, they canmmnot not punish him if he reaches 12 points. Specially if the reasoning would be along the lines of 'well, he's a 4-time world champion'...

    Sgt. NatkoSgt. Natko24 dagar sedan
  • Many people is seems don't know that Jeddah street circuit is a 2 (or 3) years temporary circuit. A race track is being build in Qiddiya that will be completed around 2023 (or 24). Qiddiya is a completely brand new city that the government wanna make the motor sport hub of Saudi Arabia.

    Kazi SamirKazi Samir24 dagar sedan
  • Katie looks like she might have a wagon, Curious!

    al doeal doe24 dagar sedan
  • Street tracks ARE more entertaining. BUT, they have a tendency to make them way too tight / not very good which makes them TERRIBLE. But Baku for example, is pretty much as good as it gets

    The GatorThe Gator24 dagar sedan
  • Only Monaco and Baku

    Peivand PérezPeivand Pérez24 dagar sedan
  • In short: no.

    KarlsCarsKarlsCars24 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or does Katy wear her headphones so far back on her head

    Andrew FormanAndrew Forman24 dagar sedan
  • Answer to that is no we have very good tracks like interlagos Monza suzuka Silverstone and many more

    jUsT pOsTiNg rAnDom vIdEoSjUsT pOsTiNg rAnDom vIdEoS24 dagar sedan
  • Is the new f1 game going to have the changes made to Albert park

    Andrew FormanAndrew Forman24 dagar sedan
  • F2 Sprint Race is fun just do that F1

    soLogikisoLogiki24 dagar sedan
  • No

    Javi AzarJavi Azar24 dagar sedan
  • I hope I get to board the Hulkentrain one more time, hopefully all the way to Podiumtown this time before I die.

    cxingtcxingt24 dagar sedan
  • Of course, street circuits are tje future. For F1 to be sustainable, it has to be road legal

    Gian Miguel LABOR ObiernaGian Miguel LABOR Obierna24 dagar sedan
  • Changes on Melbourne aren't going to work. At least not with the current cars. Average corner speeds will be higher, making it more difficult to overtake. Overtaking happens on points where the cars almost come to a stop, having high speed corners won't work...

    Edwin VeenstraEdwin Veenstra24 dagar sedan
  • Sprint race..... Simple solution...... Do qualifying Fri, for Sunday. Then have a sprint race with a reverse grid on Sat that is reverse from the race result from the race before. (Or even the driver championship standings?) Real sprint. Choice of two softest tyres possible, and make it enough laps to put it on the edge of the "shall we pit or not" or just give them two sets of the softest tyres and make them do one mandatory pit so they can push push push. Make sprint race points more for constructers championship (full points) and approx half points for drivers 1st 12 2nd 8 3rd 6 then 5,4,3,2,1 and a point for fastest lap for anyone who does it. (Not just top ten) Should promote actual racing due to points being enough for midfield teams to jump around in constructors and drivers get a bonus few point towards championship, but not enough to ruin it. (No sprint races in last their of the year) Even put a cash prize up for drivers as well. Sponsor the prizes? Crashes.... Well give the teams a possible spare car again (yes a bit more money but they smash em and fix em enough so they have parts, shouldn't be a problem or make the spirit races not count towards engine/gearbox limits. Give them an extra allocation of one or two of each for just sprint. Hmmmmmm not so simples as originally stated but sounds fun right?

    DazzieB CrashAnimal FPVDazzieB CrashAnimal FPV24 dagar sedan
  • Sprint race should be: 1 car each team, 45 minutes, reserve/ testing drivers only, top 5 places receive constructors point

    Kyle ScottKyle Scott24 dagar sedan
  • The way I can describe Hulkenburg to someone. If the top teams are running 1-6 he’ll get you 7th. If some of the top teams retire, he’ll still get you 7th

    Speed12GamingSpeed12Gaming25 dagar sedan
  • Imo yes because F1 may not survive past 2030s

    Abcd EfghAbcd Efgh25 dagar sedan
  • They didn't announce the Albert Park changes, they did that last year. What happened is that they started construction, and the people who reported that assumed people had forgotten, so they went over all the changes again. And they were right, people had forgotten.

    SkasahaSkasaha25 dagar sedan
  • I new about the new layout of the Ablert Park in March so it wasn't the 1st of April

    Chris SioChris Sio25 dagar sedan
    • It was peaked in March but the official announcement was made on April 1st

      Jermaine TanseyJermaine Tansey23 dagar sedan
  • please, PLEASE, the rating of races as "boring"; the surprise if there is an "eventful" race.........its this pervasive narrative that is annoying. just stop watching. i dunno how thousands of hours of content are created each month by all these people year on year yet its such a boring race all the time. gimme a break.

    Micro SoftMicro Soft25 dagar sedan
  • so happy to see our fearless founder.

    Micro SoftMicro Soft25 dagar sedan
  • My quai rules. 2 30 min sessions. 1 team car per. Must be on track min of 25 min. Start position based on avg of the fastest and slowest lap time. Race on sun shall be 1hr 50 min +5 laps. Pit crews reduced to 8. Rules for the cars shall be, Same size tires front an rear. Only 4 forward gears. Must be self starting.

    Dave JDave J25 dagar sedan
  • F1 is a business... they can make more money from street circuits... In future every race will be on soulless tracks with 90 deg turn after 90 deg turn

    WorldWarProjectWorldWarProject25 dagar sedan
  • Always been a fan of hulk. Him and Perez have a special space in my heart

    Kirstin PKirstin P25 dagar sedan
    • @Prisoner Monkeys experience wise, he can. And he’s got a personality that doesn’t grind my gears 😂

      Kirstin PKirstin P24 dagar sedan
    • I dont think that Hulkenberg can match Stroll.

      Prisoner MonkeysPrisoner Monkeys25 dagar sedan
  • When Tommy was explaining his thoughts on Albert Park Matt went full gormless 😂😂😂😂

    Ash HollingsworthAsh Hollingsworth25 dagar sedan
  • On the 2019 f1 game you are in it

    Drift KingDrift King25 dagar sedan
  • No

    someguysomeguy25 dagar sedan
  • I'd rather hear the gal read the man's cape add.

    Dave JDave J25 dagar sedan
  • No. I don't want street circuits. Such a bad idea

    C1AnsyC1Ansy25 dagar sedan
  • There are so many tracks that are not suitable for F1 and then comes a city pays a premium and have a race in a street circuit, essentially cutting corners bc theres no way a grade B circuit isnt safer that a circuit with maybe one or two runoff's and everywhere else with solid barriers

    diego liradiego lira25 dagar sedan
  • Hell no

    Ashley Cullen.Ashley Cullen.25 dagar sedan
  • I understand that the FIA don't want to ban a driver for stupid infringements but they have to draw a line somewhere otherwise there is no point in the penalty points system. 2 the Albert park phase 2 changes were confirmed on 17th February. 1st April was just when they started releasing images about the work. As for sprint races its a shame that they have been watered down but i think the low points was the only way to get the teams onboard to even try the idea which is what the sport needs - the ability to try new ideas and see if they work.

    twhiteofrd_110twhiteofrd_11025 dagar sedan
  • Better not be

    H_V_28H_V_2825 dagar sedan
  • The ocon and tsunoda overtake was completely different to the max vs lewis overtake. Ocon went off the track but when he came back on he fell back behind tsunoda and then overtook him in the next couple of corners

    FofodksjdnnFofodksjdnn25 dagar sedan
  • Easy way to improve Albert Park - make it a night race.

    dav_poydav_poy25 dagar sedan
    • That won't improve racing

      FofodksjdnnFofodksjdnn25 dagar sedan
  • Exciting is for video games not motorsports! They need to create romance and not fake excitement with gimmicks like sprint races. The new viewers would never engage fully with these tactics, just move on to next exciting thing imo. @WTF1

    Meet SanghviMeet Sanghvi25 dagar sedan
    • @Fofodksjdnn how many times do I say this. F1 doesn't give a shit about you! It wants new viewers and fast! You're going on about what you want. It just doesn't matter

      Meet SanghviMeet Sanghvi25 dagar sedan
    • @Meet Sanghvi f1 doesnt decide what is exciting, they put the big spectacle on their socials. I couldn't care less what the other fans want to see. My point is, is I find wheel to wheel racing far more exciting than a big crash. That's it no more to be said

      FofodksjdnnFofodksjdnn25 dagar sedan
    • @Fofodksjdnn This is about bringing in new fans. That's what all these chnages are about. So I'm not talking about you, the f1 fan but the people who know nothing about f1. To them insta and SEworld is where the popularity is determined. And if you're undermining these platforms then mate, sorry but you're so wrong

      Meet SanghviMeet Sanghvi25 dagar sedan
    • @Meet Sanghvi the f1 insta doesn't determine what is exciting and what isn't to me, I'm no sheep. I stand by I'd rather watch 60 laps of wheel to wheel racing for the lead than 1 massive crash and then sit around for an hour while its red flagged

      FofodksjdnnFofodksjdnn25 dagar sedan
    • @Fofodksjdnn bro please don't even try and agree to the fact that crashes aren't more exciting than wheel to wheel racing. You just go to F1 page and see how many videos are of crashes and how many are of wheel to wheel battles

      Meet SanghviMeet Sanghvi25 dagar sedan
  • No

    Robert StainerRobert Stainer25 dagar sedan
  • that is not true when ocon overtook tsunoda he had his tire on the bank still i think

    Račko Uroš PfaifarRačko Uroš Pfaifar25 dagar sedan
  • “Omg hes only 25” *shock* LOVE IT🤣🙌🏻 tommy what a babe

    Adam MouldAdam Mould25 dagar sedan
  • I am a 15 year old f1 fan..... street circuits are not as good as purpose built ones

    Mr. PicklesMr. Pickles25 dagar sedan
    • Baku is pretty good. Singapore is pretty good. Even Canada is mostly street circuit and that's one of the best tracks on the calendar.

      FofodksjdnnFofodksjdnn25 dagar sedan
  • 34:16 I'll answer this question, or you have a friend who is passionate and his parents are (impossible that you have no one to accompany you) or wait for the right age to get the license, study everything possible and you give yourself the gift you expected, better to wait for the right opportunity to see a real race in a real circuit than to burn it in a city carousel (except Baku, the only city circuit I like) P.s. i forgot Valencia, sorry

    Marco _grtMarco _grt25 dagar sedan
  • 38:50 Thank you Katy, for clarifying that 😂😂😂

    Karan SridharKaran Sridhar25 dagar sedan