I've Seen F1's 'Drive To Survive Season 3' And It's...

11 mar 2021
313 139 visningar

We've been lucky enough to watch Drive to Survive: Season 3 and here is our 'as little spoilers as possible' review. Enjoy!
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  • Let me just say this. They way people wrere fricking out about Bottas shows you're not Scandinavian XD I paid it no attention and then I see the internet going crazy ahahahahah

    Maud Bøe SolliMaud Bøe Solli15 timmar sedan
  • So the Grosjean crash was done the way it was meant, the SJW Brits can go and jump.

    Timmy SchnitzelTimmy Schnitzel9 dagar sedan
  • Grosjean crash episode was magnificent and Emmy worthy. A crash can happen quickly but feel like a lifetime and that anguish as a viewer pales in comparison to the intense danger of that moment. Plus one of the strongest points of the show is playing like a melodrama at times, so it’s not to be unexpected.

    KabzKabz9 dagar sedan
  • The thing that annoyed me most was the fake radio clips during testing of the engineers telling the drivers to push and the drivers then celebrating a “fast” lap....in testing, DTS is utter garbage

    caileyd13caileyd1310 dagar sedan
  • From season 1 I thought it was way too manipulative, creating drama out of nothing and portraying relationships the wrong way. Great way of bringing in new fans with false narratives?? No! I think F1 is interesting enough. They don't do it with soccer, do they?? Al of us "old" fans didn't need DTS to understand and appreciate F1 and become fans? In the future DTS will be watched by people who don't know anymore what was wrong or right and then the stories will go down in history as the truth. It's falsifying history and it would have been way cooler if they had just showed the behind stuff as it is in a fun and cool way without distorting the truth. Missed opportunity!

    LunaJo/JolandaLunaJo/Jolanda21 dag sedan
  • Thanks for the heads up. If there's something I really hate, it's all those tv shows and documentaries that are dramatized. Not going to watch this.

    René van der HartRené van der Hart21 dag sedan
  • This season was so bad considering we had one of the best seasons ever. They didn't even mention the fuck up in the Tuscan grand prix, one of F1's biggest fuck ups how did they not clear up what exactly all the drivers thought about what happen. I thought this season was boring considering how exciting this season was.

    MuckmanMuckman22 dagar sedan
  • 7:00 You'd be right about the split. I disagree with you, I think the crash was actually really well done. I think if you didn't know the outcome before the show for some reason it might put you on the edge of your seat, but even having known the outcome prior to watching it, that feeling that people get when it happens before they know if he's alive... that was I think fairly accurately portrayed, and not really overdramatised at all.

    A Different AngleA Different Angle24 dagar sedan
  • No mention of Lewis and how they just glazed over his record breaking achievements or the polical/social climate...right. lol F1 youtube is so obvious with their obvious bias against Lewis, a bloody legend. I hate it here.

    mindingmindsmindingmindsMånad sedan
  • It sucked.

    MrRj600rrMrRj600rrMånad sedan
  • I'm the only one who was surprised regarding the Silverstone hamilton finish not being covered?

    Ori ShemaOri ShemaMånad sedan
  • Hated DTS3, because of episode 9.

    S NS NMånad sedan
  • I really think this is the worst one of the bunch. Even more so than season 2. Maybe it's just because of how well I know the 2020 season itself.

    Tibet SönmezTibet SönmezMånad sedan
  • I agree the crash in episode 9 was wayyyyy stretched, but I do think it did a great job of capturing the feeling of watching it live. So newcomers who didn't witness it unfold live or are unaware of the event entirely might get a similar sense of dread.

    LoonyBunLoonyBunMånad sedan
  • What was the thing about team radio on episode 9?

    Juan InchauspeJuan InchauspeMånad sedan
  • After watching the season, I feel like the way Grosjean's crash was depicted was not necessarily to up the drama, but to maybe make it feel more like how it felt live? It still took a few minutes to see him safe and alive in the moment but it felt like ages, and it must have felt even longer for everyone there in person and most of all his family. Overall though I did find this season harder to watch than the first two because even though the previous seasons weren't in chronological order, I felt like they did a less clumsy job of stitching the storylines together whereas in this season some of it felt pretty disjointed and unresolved.

    zoë o'danazoë o'danaMånad sedan
  • 1000th comment

    ًًMånad sedan
  • The homeless hall dimensionally blink because behavior concordantly sign among a goofy george. unused, vacuous dress

    Drino ZhaoDrino ZhaoMånad sedan
  • Episode 9 was awesome, they built it up perfectly! The intro gives you chills, and the nervewrecking moment shortly after the crash, they could do this because he is alive and well, and dont forget the ending with Perez going from last place to first! Horner giving him a seat for 2021! On par with ep 6 imo! Especially for someone that doesnt follow complete F1

    MTuralyonMTuralyonMånad sedan
  • Nobody cars..

    Thoth The Atlantean GamingThoth The Atlantean GamingMånad sedan
  • Williams?

    Ivan MejiaIvan MejiaMånad sedan
  • I was half-way through the Renault episode and was beginning to wonder if Netflix forgot they had a second driver.

    Mark EschenMark EschenMånad sedan
  • Wow, spoilers Matt.

    Joey WhitakerJoey WhitakerMånad sedan
  • Super dissapointed in this season. Overall it was a let down compared to how much drama last season had they left on the table.

    Tom GilliganTom GilliganMånad sedan
  • How on earth can you say RGs crash was overdramatized!? The car split in half in a giant fireball. If anything Netflix understated it.

    Mark WladikaMark WladikaMånad sedan
  • The George Russell obsession is unhealthy hahaha

    Darragh WalshDarragh WalshMånad sedan
  • The Gasly episode was pretty good, although it got a bit old with "I dEsErVe To Go BaCk To ReD bUlL". Yea, maybe you deserve it, mate, but you don't belong there. It's a shitstorm being in that seat

    Northern RidesNorthern RidesMånad sedan
  • You forgot to mention perez's win and Hamilton's final speech

    Carlo Di FrancoCarlo Di FrancoMånad sedan
  • Does Netflix even now Nicholas latifi

    Victor Valdemar JuhlVictor Valdemar JuhlMånad sedan
  • Having now seeen S3, agree with a lot here. Hulkenback should have been shown more, especially considering the emphasis put on Checo at points of the season... just another way to show how good of a driver he is. And I assume Williams said no to being in S3 all together, it's the only reason I can think of for not putting a focus on George and that there was no mention of Williams no longer being run by a WIlliams...

    BeejisaFishBeejisaFishMånad sedan
  • The last 5 minutes were garbage. The rest was pretty entertaining

    profix25loprofix25loMånad sedan
  • No George Russell or Hulkenberg? What were they thinking? I liked it but these were glaringly weird omissions.

    Arif M MArif M MMånad sedan
  • dont think the grosjean stuff was over drama it felt right for me

    David SwanboroughDavid SwanboroughMånad sedan
  • What was that thing on episode 9?

    Afonso LimãoAfonso LimãoMånad sedan
  • I don't think the Romain episode is overdramatized at all. For one, it captures the how it felt watching it live. Those two minutes really felt that dragged out, and the show conveys it to my wife, a layman, way better than I can, and she loves the show but doesn't watch F1 live. Secondly, as you said, they worked that drama into such a wholesome ending, and an avenue to really praise the sport and people around that saved him. I loved the show for what they did that episode. It puts Grosjean in such a positive light at the end of his career as well.

    Furuhata NinzaburōFuruhata NinzaburōMånad sedan
  • Is overdramatize the word 🤔 it was dramatic as hell. It's gold for a show like this. You either respectfully leave it out or go all the way. They certainly milked it.

    Jonny RigaJonny RigaMånad sedan
  • I purposefully didn't watch this video till after I watched the season myself.

    EJ JakEJ JakMånad sedan
  • Tbh I felt season 3 was way more rushed than season 2, there are many moments where the editing is not as sharp as season 1. Though I did enjoy the more behind the scenes of team bosses other than Haas and RedBull.

    HKSHKSMånad sedan
  • Leave it to dominant Mercedes team to have the weirdest segments. Bottas "balls out" sauna scene was just plain creepy and final episode showing George Floyd knee on neck is a pity plea from poor Lewis Hamilton. Season 3 was just a mishmash of personalities and no cohesive team competition compared to season 1. Disappointing.

    Michael McVickerMichael McVickerMånad sedan
  • Does it still have the fake crash noises? I hope not...

    je5je5Månad sedan
  • Honestly there was just too much hass episodes in season 1 & 2.

    Nicolas BocchinoNicolas BocchinoMånad sedan
  • Worst season ever. No Kimi, no Hulkenberg, no Russell, no Turkish GP, no Mugello crash... No, no, no.

    Berk Ç.Berk Ç.Månad sedan
  • I didn't like it tbh, starting to get sick of the fake commentary, fake engine sounds and manufactured drama. It's getting a little too reality TV for me being the old curmudgeon that I am 😂

    MeFakeScientistMeFakeScientistMånad sedan
  • This season sucked 1 order is all over the place 2 missed opportunities for stories....Williams sale a big one 3 middle of season was not covered at all 4 naked bottas was....disturbing 😆 5 only covered albon nothing on max 6 Lewis huge season not even touched on 7 nothing really with kimi

    Jeff CarthanJeff CarthanMånad sedan
  • Why didn’t they cover more races 😭 I felt like they focused on nothing intensely enough it was like ?? Why do Riccardo again ? We’ve seen him so much 😂😂😂

    Dina ProtopappasDina ProtopappasMånad sedan
  • Ugh I hated the episode on gasly he comes across as so arrogant

    Dina ProtopappasDina ProtopappasMånad sedan
  • Missed three things in the whole drive to survive season 3. 1) After covid, pre season start there were lots of virtual gps played but there was no mention in the series. 2) Nico hulkenberg had stepped in twice but there was no mention about him. 3) Very less mention about George Russell's Mercedes adventure. He dominated Bottas. So it again fuels the debate of Car vs Driver.

    Kaustav MaityKaustav MaityMånad sedan
  • Yep, editing races is the killer for me. Swapping around the red flag and the safety car in Monza just seemed a bit cringe to me

    Nicholas BelardoNicholas BelardoMånad sedan
  • I don’t mind how they portrayed the crash because dead ass that’s how it felt live, I remember thinking it took way longer for us to know he was ok it timed slowed down for me when I saw the fireball so I think they portrayed that gutted feeling very well

    EmiliomiguinizEmiliomiguinizMånad sedan
  • Best Part was the Comeback of Gasly, it was of Mix of Joy and tears in the eyes

    Zia1987Zia1987Månad sedan
  • I found the DTS3 pretty bad. We went from seeing the strategies, career moments, things of the teams to trying to make everything more dramatic, very important issues that happened in 2020 were not touched ... if it is true that recording was complicated by the issue of the corona virus but they could try to show what the year 2021 really was like. Besides that they edited horrible, adding sounds that are not of the moment like for example in Styria to the clash of Vettel and Leclerc they added the voice of Brazil 2019 .. without sense the truth

    NoReasoN17NoReasoN17Månad sedan
  • Well, of course they were gonna milk all they could from Romain's crash. But didn't botherme, actualy found it a usefull reminder (specially for newer fans) of the danger this guys still face today when they step in one of those cars.

    sidewalkeresidewalkereMånad sedan
  • İsnt Turkey Grand prix 😔

    Bülent ŞAHİNERBülent ŞAHİNERMånad sedan
  • Come on Maz!! Get that into ya matty

    whale oil beef hookedwhale oil beef hookedMånad sedan
  • Bottas gets a full episode, but Hamilton and his record breaking season gets 2 minutes in the final episode. And the fight against racism gets 1 minute of Hamilton talking about it. It just pisses me off how Netflix wastes time with Haas and renault, but the actually remarkable things of the season or the important things like social justice they leave it out.

    LuviegaLuviegaMånad sedan
  • Episode 9 Man on Fire , was by far the best and most emotional. Yeah it was highly edited but man that episode made me feel even more happy for Checo and Romain.

    Little LightLittle LightMånad sedan
  • I've watched it with neutrals that definitely enjoyed it, but not enough to watch the real thing. I'm definitely too close to ignore the re-writing of history, the cringy team radio and commentary that's added after the fact. Although i will almost certainly keep watching if only to listen to the secret convos and swearing.....i'm so basic

    Rew !Rew !Månad sedan
  • Without Verstappen it’s just boring!!! I liked sesson 1-2 much better, was much more racing in those!

    Baby YodaBaby YodaMånad sedan
  • I didn't like the way they kept cutting away from Grojeans crash before he got out to make out like he wasn't going to make it. And think the way they made out that there was an intense, bitter rivalry between Lando and Carlos was pretty naff and fake. Overall it was better than season 2 but season 1 still was the best for giving more insight as to what goes on behind the scenes - they need to focus less on the slo-mo shots and dramatic music and more on the stories... not sure I'll bother for season 4 as they're kind of just repeating themselves at this point.

    TheCavacatTheCavacatMånad sedan
  • wtf netflix?! Why do you add voiceovers from another season?! "Mein Gott muss das sein" 15:40 S3E8 #drivetosurvive3

    RecknendtRecknendtMånad sedan
    • i was so annoyed when i heard that. Also after the gasly W they just edited the radio for their own convenience

      Thomas 123Thomas 123Månad sedan
  • Spoilers: The series: Albon really needs a podium Also the series: doesn’t show Albons podiums

    Harvey Devenish-MearesHarvey Devenish-MearesMånad sedan
    • @Sheldon which was pretty much thrown into his lap by Checo.

      Aksel BiermanAksel BiermanMånad sedan
    • No spoilers: Albons podiums weren't any amazing performances considering the car he was in.

      MxM_PrimeMxM_PrimeMånad sedan
    • Spoiler: They showed his Bahrain one

      SheldonSheldonMånad sedan
  • We didn't need to see a lot of small drama, for them to skip over GR driving a Mercedes and almost get p1 and almost winning the race... so disappointing

    Anthony John RinaldiAnthony John RinaldiMånad sedan
  • We needed to see the Hamilton covid GR issue, absolutely horrible for them not to put it in. All redbull and CH talking and no redbull drivers... Liked the " Drama" they put into seasons 3. But they left out some really good stuff...

    Anthony John RinaldiAnthony John RinaldiMånad sedan
  • Any true f1 fan would know this season 3 missed out so much. The interviews and story was all over the place and they didn't do ANY JUSTICE to the 2020 season. No mugello, imola, nothing!!

    freedumb labowskifreedumb labowskiMånad sedan
  • Absolutely rubbish season 3..loved the series but season 3 missed out on so much action. They story was all over the shop and they shown about 3 tracks, with all these new tracks that come last year.

    freedumb labowskifreedumb labowskiMånad sedan
  • So is the badly timed radio part you mentioned in the Grosjean episode the “Fuck” right before he crashes?

    ShibeShibeMånad sedan
  • Nothing about Honda leaving the sport?

    kahi_kahikahi_kahiMånad sedan
  • What is the radio moment you’re referring to? I watched and didn’t think anything of the team radios

    Bennett BernardBennett BernardMånad sedan
    • Pretty sure he's referring to the "fuck" from Grosjean 1 second before impact

      Daniel D'OttavioDaniel D'OttavioMånad sedan
  • Is it me or is lando shown as a somewhat childish driver who seems very bratty ?

    Carlos IturriagaCarlos IturriagaMånad sedan
  • I must say that this season has made me a fan of Lawrence Stroll. The man has an incredible presence, he reminds me of Don Corleone in th Godfather.

    Valk_72Valk_72Månad sedan
  • I like and respect Bottas a lot more after watching episode 3.

    Dave RussellDave RussellMånad sedan
  • They Gave lawrence the best and coolest Entrance out of the whole series

    TripleN 7TripleN 7Månad sedan
  • The annoying moment 0:54 Right before the crash they play a radio of Grosjean saying "Fuck". That just didn't happen. He probably said it in his head but at 140 MPH about to crash...the last thing on your mind is "I should press the button to talk to my team so I can swear".

    RASTAMAN17894RASTAMAN17894Månad sedan
    • I’m trying to work out what bit exactly too, I came back to rewatch. Mine is episode 6 (the race in Monza): The editing basically swaps around the safety car and the red flag.

      Nicholas BelardoNicholas BelardoMånad sedan
  • this was the worst season of all 3 I am sorry but this is truth. There were so many highlight to cover in this season but Netflix missed lots of them. Where is god like drive of George Russell ? Where is mercedes demolishing themselves during pitstop? Turkish GP rain and tire management of Hamilton ? First podium of Vettel ? Where the hell is HULKENBERG ? Netflix really need to do better job or give us 5-6 more episodes

    orhun sezginorhun sezginMånad sedan
    • Yes, it was okay. In my opinion they could have made an episode about the history of Formula 1 or something like that, because there is F1 for a very long time. There was also missing an episode about George at Sakhir. There are so many more things they could put in the series. It is not bad, but they could do better.😬

      Aleksina PljevaljčičAleksina PljevaljčičMånad sedan
  • I thought it was amazing, I do think they shafted George Russell though. He deserved the spotlight in that episode but he didn't even get an interview

    Jack StraughanJack StraughanMånad sedan
  • Hi folks, I come from the year 2035 to tell you that Grosjean eventually leaves the car on fire on DTS season 3, he's fine. Just keep watching and holding your breath.

    Adriano CAdriano CMånad sedan
  • Its so bad this year

    Antmay0Antmay0Månad sedan
  • I guess its hard to cover every Driver, every Team and every Grand Prix in just 10 episodes

    DMSC MightymoDMSC MightymoMånad sedan
  • Well imagine if you are a Max verstappen fan.. He is number 3 and they didn't mention him that much..

    Jessy GamerJessy GamerMånad sedan
  • Episode 9 was actually my fav.. But I am Mexican so I am biased...

    Jessy GamerJessy GamerMånad sedan
  • What's the "annoying" part in episode 9? Didn't find it.

    Sushanth ShenoySushanth ShenoyMånad sedan
    • @RASTAMAN17894 Oh yes, that obviously didn't happen But for some reason I've come to expect such things from Netflix

      Sushanth ShenoySushanth ShenoyMånad sedan
    • Right before the crash they play a radio of Grosjean saying "Fuck". That just didn't happen. He probably said it in his head but at 140 MPH about to crash...the last thing on your mind is "I should press the button to talk to my team so I can swear".

      RASTAMAN17894RASTAMAN17894Månad sedan
  • What is the part in episode 9 he dodnt like was it the interview with perez?

    Killian ClarkeKillian ClarkeMånad sedan
    • Grosjean radio just before crash

      jrbdjrbdMånad sedan
  • Who's back after watching it?

    QS CallOfDualsQS CallOfDualsMånad sedan
    • @Joshua Fancher matt

      Killian ClarkeKillian ClarkeMånad sedan
    • @Killian Clarke he as in who?

      Joshua FancherJoshua FancherMånad sedan
    • @Joshua Fancher what was the bit in epsiode 9 he talked about

      Killian ClarkeKillian ClarkeMånad sedan
    • Just finished. It was great! Except how they put the wrong team radio in the wrong time here and there. Like the Scenario 7 clip during testing or Vettel’s “Mein Gott” during the Austria crash. And then watching with subtitles on, it said, “my god, I got pushed aside.” Not mad about it. But I know some people might😂

      Joshua FancherJoshua FancherMånad sedan
  • Turkish GP Qualifying more watch worthy than the whole Drive to Survive S-3

    sinan beyrelisinan beyreliMånad sedan
  • Are Renaults podiums covered at all???

    naomi nyemenaomi nyemeMånad sedan
    • barely

      Edu ViolinEdu ViolinMånad sedan
    • Yes.

      Joshua FancherJoshua FancherMånad sedan
  • Episode 9...is it about Grosjean..just before the crash??

    Srijan MishraSrijan MishraMånad sedan
    • Yes. That episode was about Grosjean and Peréz

      Joshua FancherJoshua FancherMånad sedan
  • Watched Every episode already

    channel F1 newschannel F1 newsMånad sedan
  • there was one scene from Mugello where Vettel drove in Monza in to the Box and they used a B roll of Binotto in Mugello.

    KevinPrinzPiKevinPrinzPiMånad sedan
  • As a carlos fan I think i could not enjoy the episode 6

    Diba’s dreamDiba’s dreamMånad sedan
  • There is Hulk! S1E1 the every team tire change scene, the last one is Hulk! They even leave a little pause for him lmao.

    Kio ZhuKio ZhuMånad sedan
  • Brilliant jop? F1 is already brilliant not the drive to survive. They do the worst that can be. No Turkish GP, No Williams, No Alonso. Soo what will we watch?

    emre karacaemre karacaMånad sedan
    • Well, Alonso wasn't a 2020 F1 Driver

      Zacarias CisnerosZacarias CisnerosMånad sedan
  • I’ve just seen naked bottas xd

    Technic_SpeedyTechnic_SpeedyMånad sedan
  • Today is the day the Season 3 of the Drive to survive will premiere tonight on Netflix Philippines

    Diether SantosDiether SantosMånad sedan
  • cant be more disappointed

    Ravij LadeRavij LadeMånad sedan
  • Gonna go cry cause I was hoping for more George screen time

    Haadiyah MullaHaadiyah MullaMånad sedan
  • engage hashtag #ValteriHotAss @WTF1

    TacticLeeTacticLeeMånad sedan
  • No mention of Williams family leaving F1??

    Alaska KorsAlaska KorsMånad sedan
  • "n3 - whop - 3".... New Hope maybe??

    iamToneWhyiamToneWhyMånad sedan
  • I'm disappointed with Russel not being featured... I mean..

    hisetiphisetipMånad sedan
  • For everyone asking, Max has said many times on Dutch tv that he doesn’t like the show and how they portray him as a person. He says that words get twisted in a negative way and because of that he doesn’t want to be in it.

    RowanRowanMånad sedan
    • not that his 2020 was that interesting tbh

      GloomGaiGarGloomGaiGarMånad sedan