Why Hamilton Going Off Track 29 Times Was LEGAL

29 mar 2021
289 951 visningar

Track limits was a huge talking point after the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix. Why was Hamilton not penalised for extending turn 4? Why was Max Verstappen told to give the position back after overtaking?
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  • Have the stewards do a few laps in F1 2020 game and see how track limits should be applied! JK obviously

    u2zero2uu2zero2u2 dagar sedan
  • What would be amazing and consistent in my opinion is this: For the whole season no matter what track you are on, you stay with at least 1 tire INSIDE the white lines marking the track. That is the track and if the track is moved some other direction it will be marked. Then what happens when crossing the line. When you cross the white lines of the track on either side you get your lap time deleted. No exceptions. You didn't stay on the track so you don't get a time. When in a race and you go outside of the white lines: - when in a fight for position and you are forced of the track or during battle it happens -> no warning as long as no position is gained. - when in a fight for position and you do gain a position while going off track -> return that position - when you go outside the limits by a mistake like a lock-up for example and thus not gaining any advantage -> no warning - when going outside the limits without any logical reason but going to fast for instance -> warning 3 warnings is a 3 sec penalty. 3 times 3 penalties and you can retire the car as it is clear you want to drive a altered track layout and don't want to comply with the rules. of course there will always be a debate on certain decisions when it comes to what is happening in a fight and what was technical error that made someone go wide. But at least you will have a consistent track limit that isn't explained as "you must stay on the curbs here, you can't go over the line there, and you need to stay between your imaginary ego and the helicopter over there." . ok that last one is silly. Anyways if the track is the track then stay on that track. go off then have a good reason to and not gain an advantage. End of story. I don't understand why the FIA needs to complicate things for themselves so much. It isn't rocket science to just stay between the lines. And drivers complaining the track limits are bs at certain places just can go f off. You are driving a pre-defined track layout and thus you stay on that layout. No buts or ifs. Stay on track and stop complaining. If everybody does it, no one has an advantage. I mean these guys can drive wheel on wheel through corners with 200kmh and already know exactly how to push the limits of the current weird track limits. I think they can abide by new tracklimits just fine -_-

    Jeroen KolkmanJeroen Kolkman5 dagar sedan
  • The thing is Ocon pulled the exact same over take with 4 wheels off the track but never got penalized 🤷 anybody else see that

    Alix PeplerAlix Pepler12 dagar sedan
  • Imo staying inside of the track limits is their job. A few corners earlier Hamilton went completely off track just before the finish line. The excuse then was that his brakes blocked. Max seems unable to brake enough when overtaking otherwise he would've stayed within the track limits. I'm not sure it made any difference. It is completely inconsistent. Getting an advantage is getting an advantage, when or how that happens is irrelevant to me.

    Gwen WalravensGwen Walravens13 dagar sedan
  • Same last week end After bottas and Russel crashed it should have been an immediate red flag, but it was a safety car and after he pitted under the safety car the race was red flagged just to give hamilton a chance at the win

    BIG_MAN_ANKBIG_MAN_ANK15 dagar sedan
  • A sports governing body that listens to the fans!!! What a strange idea, it’ll never happen. 🤣🤣🤣

    Neil GibbsNeil Gibbs16 dagar sedan
  • Please fia, make the rules: still between lines

    DIYczRCDIYczRC16 dagar sedan
  • When Hamilton used the rule that he was allowed to go out of the track limits, every other driver was also allowed to do the same. Verstappen overtook by going out of the track limits and therefore had to give the place back, that is the rule and that also applies to every driver. Hamilton broke no rules, Verstappen did.

    Honest ChrisHonest Chris16 dagar sedan
  • No one is discussing this bro. Max clearly said that 2 laps after he started going off the track officials decided to make it illegal (after Hamilton did it 29 times and over abused it). Going off track to overtake is penalized no matter what. What Max said to Horner was, ok, let them penalize me, if im in front i can squeeze my car at a maximum to gain more time than the one being imposed after penalty; or, at the worst case scenario, he would've just ended second..

    arrimalo_okarrimalo_ok17 dagar sedan
  • thars why these not fully understandable rules apply, so that they can use it to their favour when needed, its like with politics , crap

    Richard JelinekRichard Jelinek17 dagar sedan
  • Anything for Hamilton to stay the golden boy

    rickydlprickydlp18 dagar sedan
  • RBR Radio - "We see Hamilton extending his exit from Lap 4" Verstappen -"Copy" Few laps later Hamilton Radio - "We received a warning from stewards not to go off the track in Turn 4 exit [after at least 25 of those happening already] So to avoid chaos and everyone just driving wide there, they were about to change their stance on it mid-race.

    Turtle.Turtle.19 dagar sedan
  • Haters going to hate, no confusion Hamilton 1st, Verstappen 1st loser

    Black PantherBlack Panther19 dagar sedan
  • Ok what a stupid discussion. You go out the track to overtake --> fault. That´s it. No discussion needed here.

    rob Brob B19 dagar sedan
  • Could you have at least shown a single example? Would've made this vid much better and much more of what was expected.

    Papa TrollPapa Troll20 dagar sedan
  • Idk, maybe because he's black and they don't wanna be accused of being racist

    Gabo CejitasGabo Cejitas20 dagar sedan
  • there is a white line for a reason. f1 nowadays is a yoke!

    Roflcopter AusdertiefeRoflcopter Ausdertiefe21 dag sedan
  • FIA says ‘Yeah Nah’ to exceeding track limits on turn 4! Gotta be Aussie!!! 😜

    Sabharinath BalaSabharinath Bala21 dag sedan
  • To those saying cutting turn 4 gave him a lasting advantage by cutting down his lap times, every one else could’ve done it. Hamilton was just smart enough to do it while the others didn’t.

    Gab AlbanoGab Albano21 dag sedan
  • It seems like the FIA makes it so LH wins like at Bahrain they made max let Lewis by for the win on the last lap when max was gonna win I think the FIA is in Mercs pocket if you know what I mean

    Smokey YunickSmokey Yunick22 dagar sedan
  • This was an undeserved win for hamilton

    Can Türkdoğanın Ayak BaşparmağıCan Türkdoğanın Ayak Başparmağı22 dagar sedan
  • MaFiA

    Afif Shah Sadip SevenAfif Shah Sadip Seven22 dagar sedan
  • Why is it even a debate at any point of a race weekend??!!!! The track is the track!!!!!

    Edwin NobbsEdwin Nobbs22 dagar sedan
  • Very annoying footage, show the clips

    faffdagfaffdag23 dagar sedan
  • You can get out of the track when you are racing on your own, you cannot do overtakes this way. It was always like that.

    Victor TimoftiiVictor Timoftii23 dagar sedan
  • If the pass was fair verstappen would have passed him again.

    chileshe chamululuchileshe chamululu23 dagar sedan
  • What i have to say to FIA is. "Keep being biased little pricks and lets see how long until everybody loses interest in this sport"

    JohnJaggerJackJohnJaggerJack24 dagar sedan
  • Great. He just defended another Mercedes Politics

    SanchitSanchit24 dagar sedan
  • The argument about track limits is being kept alive by unhappy Max fans. Overtaking while off track has never been OK, pure and simple. Red Bull would be well within their rights to have complained about the overtake if overtaking off track was OK and no - Max was not pushed off track, he simply carried too much speed into the corner.

    fablewallsfablewalls24 dagar sedan
  • Way too many memes. 1 or 2 is funny but not 30

    Michael ElkorrMichael Elkorr24 dagar sedan
  • In this specific case, everyone technically followed the rules layed out for the race. However moving forward I don't see how the FIA thinks the additional time Hamilton gained by going off isn't a lasting advantage. It could have closed the gap just enough for Verstappen to strike. Especially in a sport of 10ths of seconds

    Isaac TourandIsaac Tourand24 dagar sedan
  • If the FIA said that track limits would now be moved to the gravel instead of the kerb. Max's overtake shouldn't be illegal. Even if that wasn't the case max shouldn't have been given a penalty. Because he overtook hamilton on track and then extended. Basically exploiting the same rule as hamilton. And if all of the above isn't true why wasn't hamilton given a penalty for overtaking sainz after 1st stop? He basically did the same thing as max. Overtaking sainz (but this time on the inside) and then extending. Same thing as max. Not penalised. Absolute shitshow this weekend.

    ????25 dagar sedan
  • Once a cheater, always a cheater. Gotta protect their token black driver, FIA has gone full woke.

    Orella MinxOrella Minx25 dagar sedan
  • New F1 management should look Over complicated rules usually mean stupid rules

    mikeboy0001mikeboy000126 dagar sedan
  • Nothing is fair in formula 1 .... Comparing to MotoGP . I stop watching all those F1 races . Moto gp is way better ..

    P 4 PUTSHO Ps4,mobileP 4 PUTSHO Ps4,mobile26 dagar sedan
  • The funniest part about the ehole situation is lewis has always played dirty since day one pace car drivers dont even like him. Its bull shit the only reason hes able to get away with it is bc Mercedes has so much more money into the sport the redbull mostly in unknown places in unknown pockets

  • They should leave it to where you can’t OVERTAKE with all four off the track

    timmy letimmy le27 dagar sedan
  • Verstappen was in the wrong for passing there but Hamilton should have gotten a 5sec penalty which would have put max at #1 so than it wouldn't really matter that the overtake was invalid but it ruined the race for me, by cutting the corner lewis was able to creep in front of max he otherwise would have won with over 10sec gap if you look at the times, he was so much faster but due to Hamiltons aggressive defense and dirty air ruining the downforce on the rb wasn't able to pass properly

    The Fizzlee NLThe Fizzlee NL28 dagar sedan
    • Well technically max overtook hamilton on track and then he went off. (Basically exploiting the same thing as lewis) but the fia deemed that overtake illegal but hamilton did the exact same thing as max (only he was on the inside) by overtaking sainz after his 1st stop. All 4 wheels of the track

      ????25 dagar sedan
  • If you go off track on a street circuit you hit the wall. The track limits on a normal track should be regarded with the same respect. If you put 2 wheels off the track anywhere, you should get a penalty.

    tomcatkzntomcatkzn28 dagar sedan
  • If it's legal to use track limits on turn 4, why then was there a warning when RBR told max to do the same? We can argue if he used track limits during overtake which isn't allowed all day. (I think he was already past Ham) But it's odd that the FIA only said no after RBR send an message to Max before any overtake.

    randar1969randar196928 dagar sedan

    MisterMeisterMisterMeister29 dagar sedan
  • I bet you all that if it was Vettel driving the MB he would have been penalized for sure. British members of the race comité and others have been supporting, unfairly most of the time, LH. It is clear for F1 supporters that we are back at almost JMB (Jean Marie Ballestre) "golden era". Guys don't spoil F1 plz

    Antonio Gata LuziaAntonio Gata Luzia29 dagar sedan
  • The rules were clear as corroborated by other drivers and teams. VB was doing the same. Red Bull hadn’t understood the directives from Massi - criticise anything the it would be shifting stance here between FP and the race. MercF1 completely within the rules and clearly MV off track for the pass.... like on Kimi in Austin on last lap. FWIW- these race directors notes on these things are a nonsense. IMHO, track limits everywhere should be the white line. Technology should be used to deny use of ERS on following lap (or automatic 5s penalty with room for more depending on intent/circumstance). We have all forgotten how MSc served a pit plane penalty deliberately on last lap where his car crossed the finish line to get to Ferrari box. Drivers like MV saying he will opt for 5s penalty also needs to be clamped on; though I suspect FIA would have applied something more if had shown decent. Also, ALL FIA in race communications to teams need to be for all to see. Just stokes the flames of manipulation and favour. All teams will push rules to limits, and limits need to be fixed and observable.

    Khalid HasanKhalid Hasan29 dagar sedan
  • It is black and white. It really is. Not sure what they're going on about here?

    CharlieCharlie29 dagar sedan
  • When max started doing the same they changed the rules mid race. Seems every race the fia can’t decide what’s going on.

    Isaac villyIsaac villy29 dagar sedan
  • FIA when Lewis exceed track limits 29 times:i sleep FIA when Max exceed track limits 1 time only: *REAL SHIT*

    藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac藍戰士Kit Kit Chan IsaacMånad sedan
  • Well I was a great fan of Lewis but his blm antics stopped all that. And yes him going off the track 29 times, he should have been disqualified.

    jimbob500ejimbob500eMånad sedan
  • The current rules arent overly complex. Maybe Nascar is more your speed?

    HerrPoopschitzHerrPoopschitzMånad sedan
  • Which sport would you rather watch? Football(soccer): AAAAAAHHHH MY KNEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! or Race cars: going off track and off the camera

    Slayer 96 DA 2NDSlayer 96 DA 2NDMånad sedan
    • or cars going in circles for hours

      Hirsch VagishHirsch Vagish12 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, it’s not even that Lewis won. This video is the first one I’ve watched about this that actually touched on what the problem was. The FIA/F1 needs to make things black and white and quit switching things up. Verstappen overtaking Hamilton isn’t what’s being questioned. Max was obviously off the track and had not completed the overtake. That’s fine. The problem is that from P1-Q3, they were being extremely strict about track limits on turn 4. What nobody is talking about is that Perez had a great lap time deleted in Q2 because of it and that left him out of Q3, so he got shafted too. Then, the rules are changed literally right before the race, and Hamilton takes advantage of the extra play on exit. At times, Hamilton’s car wasn’t even close to even the curbs because he was so far off-track. He did this 29 times. Even if that gained Hamilton .1th/lap, that’s obviously 2.9 seconds conservatively that Verstappen lost. That seems like a lasting advantage to me. Now here’s the BIG problem. Literally two laps after Verstappen was told to start abusing track limits on turn 4, the FIA immediately put an end to it, so Verstappen had no chance to recoup any of that lost time. It looks horrible on the sport and this is why new fans leave. Everyone in the media is glancing over it because Hamilton’s the poster kid, but it’s not okay. And to those saying “everyone else was doing it too”, no. They weren’t. I have F1TV and went back to watch everyone’s onboard cameras and Hamilton/Bottas were literally the only ones doing it, with a couple drivers doing it once or twice because of a snap of oversteer or understeer, but it wasn’t intentional like with Mercedes. I’m a George Russell fan. I started watching F1/F2 in 2018 because of an outreach program he did and watched him in F2. So I really don’t care who wins between Verstappen and Hamilton. What I do care about is the sport, it’s health, and ensuring that things are equitable (haha). What happened was not okay at all. Verstappen got the short end of the stick and I just have a feeling that won’t be the last time this year.

    Spencer RollinsSpencer RollinsMånad sedan
  • 2020 fans: The stewards are trying everything to bring Mercedes down! 2021 fans: the stewards are doing everything to help Mercedes win!

    Vinnie MurkVinnie MurkMånad sedan
  • Sounds like they just want Mercedes to keep winning...

    gabriel martinezgabriel martinezMånad sedan
  • So then my personal opinion: Hamilton did deserve a penalty, and Verstappen's pass wasn't fair. Anyway if it's not the case, the second is: no penalty and the pass was fair. An advice for anyone: If the race makes you frustrated, angry, just stop watching. I know people who watch "everything" and are usually angry for no reason.

    Kristóf KovácsKristóf KovácsMånad sedan
  • if you can extend a track limit you can overtake there if you cant overtake there you cant track extend there make it simple and consistent

    Jon McDonaldJon McDonaldMånad sedan
  • it wouldn't be F1 if the governing body wasn't constantly changing and unevenly applying the rules

    jorkusmalorkusjorkusmalorkusMånad sedan
  • So if there are not in a close fight they can basically drive everywhere they want?

    LouisLouisMånad sedan
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    Pantai SelatanPantai SelatanMånad sedan
  • It's a Good job we don't drive like that or pedestrians would be extinct.

    Paul CaldwellPaul CaldwellMånad sedan
  • Cheater Hamilton

    Hakan YilmazHakan YilmazMånad sedan
  • Hamilton should have got penalty and it should be like you said "can or can't". Also, what about Hamilton forcing Verstappen to go off track

    Juned MominJuned MominMånad sedan
  • Get in there Lewis 🏂

    Daniel SouzaDaniel SouzaMånad sedan
  • F1 little black token take a penalty?

    captainsuds1captainsuds1Månad sedan
  • No matter what is allowed through the weekend or certain tracks, there is ONE rule that rule them all and that is "Your are NOT allowed to overtake with your 4 tyres outside of the track. Never. Never." That's why Hamilton gets his position back and it is legal. It doesn't matter if he did the same 39 times before in the race because he didn't overtake anybody when he exceeds the limits.

    Plamen StoyanovPlamen StoyanovMånad sedan
  • Legal as long as your names Lewis (FIA) hamilton

    jayson0987jayson0987Månad sedan
  • did an alpine do an overtake off track limits at turn 4 and no one was talking about it???

    miserablecherrymiserablecherryMånad sedan
  • Just follow what the stewards instruct during each race. No use making calculations about how much of an advantage a driver will make. The games are governed by the stewards. My question if Max did not drive out of the boundary would it be possible he could've overtaken Ham in the next few laps?

    Mark KatheravanMark KatheravanMånad sedan
  • But didn't Max overtake Lewis before going off track or does that not count as an overtake?

    TimurTimurMånad sedan
  • There is also corruption even in the FIA!!! When Max had to give his position away Hamilton needs also a penalty for doing so 29 times!!! Period...........

    gerrit willem van hemertgerrit willem van hemertMånad sedan
  • Its legal because FIA stupid rules!

    G-Raf CreationsG-Raf CreationsMånad sedan
  • So basically Hamilton did what every driver should have done?

    Justin ThomasJustin ThomasMånad sedan
  • The ultimate solution: grass, gravel and wall. And about the actual rule: if you have all the space, you can exceed it, if you are sharing it with another car, you can't. Does it even make sense?

    ronanmtbaronanmtbaMånad sedan
  • Max should have won this 10000%

  • FIAMG gotta help mercedes at all cost

    A HA HMånad sedan
  • Hamilton thinks he's special, that's it... And his fan boys are happy to close their eyes on anything he does that gets him any advantage, but complain (just like him) if someone else does the same thing!

    SpetsopSpetsopMånad sedan
  • this is facts. Nothing else about it.

    Rad WagonnRad WagonnMånad sedan
  • hamilton just purpis full pushed max wide, too regaine his lost position shit move from a shit driver...

    DepleuerAct3004DepleuerAct3004Månad sedan
  • The point is it should have been illegal or legal through out the whole race. The Stewart’s determining the it was illegal more than half way through the race showed how unprofessional it was.

    M. FurnissM. FurnissMånad sedan
  • Were they smoking something at race control, during the whole weekend? Anyway, nobody should be mad at Lewis. Drivers should use any advantage they can, and it was legal after all.

    Balazs VillanyiBalazs VillanyiMånad sedan
    • Yes. But if you can extend there you should also be able to overtake there.

      ????25 dagar sedan
  • Corrida incrível, estragada pelo regulamento + diretor de prova. Verstapen won

    André FerreiraAndré FerreiraMånad sedan
  • It's not this being legal that was the issue, the issue is that the fia then changed the rules during the race and not waited afterwards.

    Allen BlumhägenAllen BlumhägenMånad sedan
  • I think the rules are clear and fair. It´s important not to be completely rigid with track limits because there´s so many incidents that will need flexibility and oblige drivers to escape to outside limits.. In this race, drivers could use turn 4 outside limits, but like general rules apply: "not to gain advantage".. that´s what happened with Ham, when he was starting to gain advantage was told to stop.. and he stopped at that moment. Max overtake was outrageously outlaw.

    thexittothexittoMånad sedan
  • Because the fia wants hamilton to win

    pen_BERRIESpen_BERRIESMånad sedan
  • Extend the track for faster lap but not overtaking? Sure go ahead. Extend the track but overtaking? Oh ho ho, yo ass are about to get clapped.

    Nguyen Duc HungNguyen Duc HungMånad sedan
  • For me, this is hilarious. How F1 games do a better job at this than the FIA?

    LaczProLaczProMånad sedan
  • It wasn't just Hamilton. Verstappen and everyone else did it as well. The only racer to try to overtake outside of the lines was Verstappen. None of the people complaining seem to remember that. Turn 4 was proving to be dangerous. Even someone who does not understand the rules can look at turn 4 and see all the skid marks from loss of traction during practice and qualifications. FIA made a ruling so we didn't have to watch a yellow flag race. But they did tell everyone. ALL DRIVERS went outside the line. Verstappen tried to pass. Get over it.

    Raum BancesRaum BancesMånad sedan
  • The things are very simple there's a track and white lines that are the limit of this track, if you exceed ( with all the car ) the white lines you are simply out of track and you get a penalty, either you want to overtake or just lapping .

    Top GunTop GunMånad sedan
  • In a race, every second is all about gaining an advantage.....

    George LucasGeorge LucasMånad sedan
  • Let's be mild on this one, and give HAM a 1 second penalty.

    Armand van GeijlswijkArmand van GeijlswijkMånad sedan
  • Just put a gravel trap at turn 4 simple.

    Aleksst96Aleksst96Månad sedan
  • let's just say Hamilton is just stewards favorite, and nobody should beat him, because if someone does its almost like stewards hero died and now its just depressed and in its fear warning everyone who could compete

    Brijen PatelBrijen PatelMånad sedan
  • I cannot really comment on Hamilton, however passing another car, whilst not even on the track has never been permitted.

    Andy GlastonburyAndy GlastonburyMånad sedan
  • Bring back gravel traps, that will stop it instantly

    simon psimon pMånad sedan
  • I don't think Max gained a lasting advantage by leaving the tracks during the overtake tho. If he didn't leave the track I think he would've had a bigger advantage than he had now. With the understeer (could be oversteer I already don't remember) his corner was slower than if he would've stayed on track. Staying on track would also have given him the position. So IMO, he actually lost a bit of advantage by leaving the track. But I agree, FIA should set rules for the whole weekend and especcialy just sticking to the f'ing track limits

    SFVSFVMånad sedan
  • Max’s inexperience was evident , fast driving and intelligent driving are two different concepts- he was just up against the most gifted and complete driver in F1 history . The race was a lesson from Lewis to Max ! A thank you should suffice !

    Gavin IsaacsGavin IsaacsMånad sedan
  • The rules were consistent.

    Tom StTom StMånad sedan
  • Racing has always been about finding loopholes in the rules so I don’t really think Hamilton did anything wrong

    I'm RnkxiI'm RnkxiMånad sedan
  • This inconsistancy is toxic. So if the ideal line in the corner is off track like in turn 4 but you cant overtake offtrack that means that they cant overtake on the ideal line. This is idiotic. Ham deserves the penalty or Max should have been allowed to keep that overtake

    vonPelgervonPelgerMånad sedan
  • Don’t care what the rules are, 29 of tracks is absolutely not ok

    Elijah DobkinsElijah DobkinsMånad sedan
  • wth this race was boring af

    Jan Gajewski-TuttleJan Gajewski-TuttleMånad sedan
  • I believe that Hamilton get the advantage out of the 29 laps. If he gain 0.2 or 0.3 seconds per lap how much did he gained for 29 laps? FiA should be more serious about the track limits for every races. No any special treat for any teams or any drivers.

    Legendary JueHaLegendary JueHaMånad sedan