7 Crazy F1 Driver Moves That NEARLY Happened

25 apr 2021
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Lewis Hamilton to Red Bull? Michael Schumacher to McLaren?
This video dives into how the history books could have easily been completely different...
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  • "Does anyone remember the amount of criticism Lewis received got when he moved to Mercedes from Mclaren in 2013?" Sure do. Even as a Hamilton fan, I was one of those people. Boy did that not age well and quite frankly, I'm damn glad I was wrong.

    RACECARRACECAR11 timmar sedan
  • WTF kubica to Ferrari

    Arham MuhammadArham Muhammad2 dagar sedan
  • Kimi dabbed?! 😱😱😱

    kikx Akikx A3 dagar sedan
  • Could have doesn't mean history would have played out the same.

    Eddie OliverEddie Oliver4 dagar sedan
  • I don’t rate Ricciardo. Glad he never got near Ferrari

    Vatsal VoraVatsal Vora4 dagar sedan
  • Alonso’s career choices are so bad they almost seem intentional.

    Syd 41Syd 415 dagar sedan
  • Kimi move to Red Bwoah

    DanDan5 dagar sedan
  • Michael Schumacher to McLaren

    Hardi SetiawanHardi Setiawan5 dagar sedan
  • Has there been a driver with more bad moves than Alonso? He's the king of bad career choices, aside from his first stint wit Renault he's always at the wrong team at the wrong time.

    Nikolay IvanovNikolay Ivanov5 dagar sedan
  • What's wingman in Italian Robert kubica in ferrari

  • the alonso one is really depressing

    Александр ИвановАлександр Иванов6 dagar sedan
  • Another crazy driver move which nearly happened was the Hülkenberg Mercedes combi. When Mercedes decided to give Hülkenberg a contract if Hamilton don’t join Mercedes. Imagine Hülkenberg in the best car for years

    S RS R6 dagar sedan
  • didnt Button got an offer from Ferrari when he was winning those races in Mclaren?

    rspec2rspec26 dagar sedan
  • nice! thought i was the only one remembering how Honda and particularly Ross tried to convince Nando to join them before 2009

    rspec2rspec26 dagar sedan
  • 2:44 Masive respect to anyone who can tell me what series that meme come from

    DA9 YTDA9 YT6 dagar sedan
  • Max verstappen was linked with Ferrari back in 2016 and then he was linked with Mercedes a year later in reality Was at toro Rosso at start of 2016 by Spain he was promoted to red bull and then by end of 2018 he was red bull team leader Staying at red bull proved to be the best career decision may move to Mercedes in a few years

    Bradley HydeBradley Hyde6 dagar sedan
  • Kimi not getting points now

    Wayne HandleyWayne Handley7 dagar sedan
  • Red bull rewarding loyalty? Pardon?

    _bstr_ct_bstr_ct7 dagar sedan
  • wait, you forgot about Senna in Ferrari... it seemed like there was a contract going on for 1995 or 1996, but then we all know what happened in 1994 :'(

    Cirr TertCirr Tert7 dagar sedan
  • wingman in italian is "braccio destro"

    ShidNohShidNoh7 dagar sedan
  • Poor Alonso ;(

    RennSportJunkieRennSportJunkie7 dagar sedan
  • Another one is Magnussen almost going to ferrari instead of leclerc, and he almost also went to toro rosso

    Bjørn GereBjørn Gere7 dagar sedan
  • Gilles wnated to leave Ferrari after imola 82...

    Ant. Tol.Ant. Tol.7 dagar sedan
  • Hulk 2014 to ferrari!!!

    Mpa Goose bayMpa Goose bay8 dagar sedan
  • I read about the whole Lewis-Red Bull thing in Adrian Newey’s book

    King FernandoKing Fernando8 dagar sedan
  • Only true f1 fans would have already known this :)

    Taran27Taran278 dagar sedan
  • Your "beloved" Schumay... Cheated for his first championship and his greatest rival died...

    Michael WestpyMichael Westpy8 dagar sedan
  • Nico Hulkenberg to Mercedes 2013

    Mohan SubramaniamMohan Subramaniam8 dagar sedan
  • Hülkenberg and Kubica Hurt

    Michael PaqMichael Paq8 dagar sedan
  • Actually the chance is pretty big that daniel goes to ferrari becaus sainz is now there and danny keeps stealing his seats first at renault now at mclaren

    Chris playzzzChris playzzz8 dagar sedan
  • 3:48 That's important 😂

    Dmytro848Dmytro8488 dagar sedan
  • Jules Bianchi to Ferrari Kevin Magnusen to ToroRosso Nico Hulkenberg to Mercedes, If hamilton had turned dowm the offer

    Bentley MobiusBentley Mobius8 dagar sedan
  • f1: our driver moves make sense f1 2020 my team: *i am 4 parallel universes ahead of you*

    AWildSnowballAWildSnowball8 dagar sedan
  • Daniel Riccardio has missed the boat in a top team. He will never get there.

    Stewart GrindlayStewart Grindlay8 dagar sedan
  • Daniel Ricciardo to Ferrari? Thank god it didn't happen.

    Berk Ç.Berk Ç.8 dagar sedan
  • Valentino Rossi to F1 would've shocked me

    Yakumo TatsuroYakumo Tatsuro8 dagar sedan
  • 2:10 Ferrari** I only know because I make that same mistake myself!

    Gryph LaneGryph Lane9 dagar sedan
  • Kimi to Ferrari in 2003. Ferrari offered Kimi a contract in 2001 for 2003. Kimi to McLaren in 2010. Kimi to Red Bull in 2014.

    Ciaron SmithCiaron Smith9 dagar sedan
  • Ricciardo has been following Sains' team moves, maybe Ferrari is next for him?

    Señor MartinezSeñor Martinez9 dagar sedan
  • Hamilton to Red Bull would've been a GAME CHANGER

    Luke JohnsonLuke Johnson9 dagar sedan
  • 2:33: wingman in Italian is secondo pilota

    Jacopo GandolfiJacopo Gandolfi9 dagar sedan
  • whatever, i just want kimi to stay in f1 at least for the next five years.

    Stefan WeilhartnerStefan Weilhartner9 dagar sedan
  • red bull twice lol I know schumacher could of had any car in 1996 williams were also interested and obv beneton wanted to keep him imagion a schumacher-villneueve 1996 combo also berger had chane to stay at ferrari for 96 irvine was in fact option 3

    Gigsaw SoljierGigsaw Soljier9 dagar sedan
  • Oh yeah i forgot Daniel gave a beating to Vettel in 2014. Hehe just proving Vettel is bad since the beggining of V6 era

    Pedro SilvaPedro Silva9 dagar sedan
  • 2:10 Ferarri, seriously?

    Bananoid1Bananoid19 dagar sedan
  • Damn it Alonso

    Nicolas BocchinoNicolas Bocchino9 dagar sedan
  • Michael to McLaren was a huge thing in 96 through Mercedes

    Sebastian NeumannSebastian Neumann9 dagar sedan
  • He missed the big one. 1991 Frank Williams wanted Jean Alesi. Alesi signed for "his childhood dream car" Ferrari. A year later, Nigel Mansel became WorldChampion with Williams, and Jean Alesi spent the next 5 years driving dogshit Ferrari cars, until Schumi arrived.

    Mo ElmMo Elm9 dagar sedan
  • Lewis and Seb would have been a wholesome combination. Bwoahh

    Ryan.YRyan.Y9 dagar sedan
  • Lewis stuck at an underperforming RedBull... I like this alternate reality 🙃

    Dario 108Dario 1089 dagar sedan
  • 2:10 spell ferrari right

    MarconMarcon9 dagar sedan
  • Did we really just say Robert kubica was on the pace for his return he could drive the car Yes he could not drive the car at Pace. Just a few years ago you guys were on his ass for being two seconds behind his teammate

    BListBList9 dagar sedan
  • What about mercedes and hulkenberg 2013?

    LeeLee9 dagar sedan
  • Technically at Imola Bottas got blocked by a Eilliams

    Csaba TrostovszkyCsaba Trostovszky9 dagar sedan
  • I really wanted Dani Ric at Ferrari

    P MP M9 dagar sedan
  • The one that shocked me was the Alonso one and the Hamilton one because if Alonso would be in the Brawn Gp team which later became Mercedes he would have won many titles, while Red bull inspite of struggling in 2014 would again make a quite competitive car in 2015 and if Hamilton had went to RedBull then we would have seen RedBull vs Mercedes for Constructors honours and Hamilton vs Alonso for the Drivers honours, which could have become one of the greatest rivalries in F1 history which would have been among the likes of McLaren and Ferrari, Senna and Prost and Schumacher and Hakkinen

    Shubhayan Dutta GuptaShubhayan Dutta Gupta9 dagar sedan
  • Damon Hill to McLaren 💁🏼‍♂️

    Nick JonesNick Jones9 dagar sedan
  • No way Lewis would be in a red bull Horner hates Lewis even if Horner had no other choice.

    Simon RobinsonSimon Robinson9 dagar sedan
  • 4:44 I remember how people were predicting Kimi to beat Alonso in 2014.. And how it was a Ferrari move to put pressure on Alonso.. If they had known..

    DaveDave9 dagar sedan
  • It's really unfair that bottas gets no respect, he's up against the greatest driver of all time whether you agree or not, and the only guy to have beaten him fair and square during his time (another underrated driver btw) retired because it just took a whole lot out of him to do that. Bottas is quick, he's just nowhere near as consistent

    Vyom RichhariaVyom Richharia9 dagar sedan
  • Valentino Rossi - Ferrrari. 2 years before making his F1 debut Lewis and McLaren splitted, he almost made his debut with Williams.

    I TubeI Tube9 dagar sedan
  • Seb and Kimi: "We'd like to team up." RedBull: "Nah, it's too risky." Seb and Kimi: "ok, well then we're both outta here"

    Yirga DamtewYirga Damtew9 dagar sedan
  • 8. Matthew Gallagher to Mercedes 2015: After winning the world title for HRT for 6 years in a row, Mercedes wanted the Brit to drive alongside Lord Mahaver Ragunathan. He had been talking to team boss toto wolff since the 2011 British grand Prix. Unfortunately, Matthew had a stroke which put him in a coma for 2 years after raging at Aarava for crashing him out on F1 2014 which means he never got that Mercedes drive. But luckily after 457000 surgeries he managed to sign for Jaguar in 2017. He won 3 world titles up to this day.

    Alexandrine StephanusAlexandrine Stephanus9 dagar sedan
  • The most shocking was Lewis in Red Bull with seb😮

    prokopis boliotisprokopis boliotis9 dagar sedan
  • so. we could've had Seb & Kimi, way back in 2014? sounds interesting.

    NeoTalonNeoTalon9 dagar sedan
  • Imagine Hakkinen and Schumacher in the same team.

    Press StartPress Start9 dagar sedan
  • Jenson Button to Ferrari in 2013 almost happened. Contracts on both sides were almost finalised but the deal fell apart for unspecified reasons.

    James BuckinghamJames Buckingham9 dagar sedan
  • Senna could have re-signed with Mclaren and never went to Williams.

    Big Black DawgBig Black Dawg9 dagar sedan
    • what if prost didn't leave mclaren in 1989...

      Gigsaw SoljierGigsaw Soljier9 dagar sedan
  • 1.Robert had a rally chrash In Andorra not in italy 2.RABARABARABARABARABARABA

    Polsko-Litewskie pączki MappingPolsko-Litewskie pączki Mapping9 dagar sedan
  • I can't find the comment, but someone was suggesting that Hamilton would've stolen all four of Vettel's titles had they been teammates at the time. Vettel's 2011 and 2013 seasons saw him win more than half of the races, DNF only once and finish 4th or better in the other 18 races. Nobody would've been able to come into that team and beat him during those years. Hamilton might've won the 2012 WDC had he been with Red Bull, because all he needed that year was a more reliable car. As for 2010, that was a year in which we had 3 top teams that could win on any given weekend and the drivers made a difference. Furthermore, Hamilton never finished ahead of Alonso in the drivers' championship during that span, and Alonso cemented himself as the second-best driver of the early 2010s by finishing second to Vettel in the championship 3 times.

    Nathan StroudNathan Stroud9 dagar sedan
  • For me the biggest WHAT IF was Kubica not having his accident. The recent history of F1 would probably be quite different.

    Y KapitanovY Kapitanov9 dagar sedan
  • Button to Williams for 2006 was on the way but after BMW left things fell apart.

    O FenómenoO Fenómeno9 dagar sedan
  • Williams blocked the move for 2016 so Bottas left the year later and they stayed with no money and no Bottas. Genius management!

    O FenómenoO Fenómeno9 dagar sedan
  • no wonder why kubica eventually came back from that injury. the powerbalance saved him

    fuckfadhilfuckfadhil9 dagar sedan
  • 1993 - If F.Williams wouldn't have gone gaga for Prost (and his I-choose-my-own-team-mate clause), there was a small chance the driver lineup could have been Mansell-Senna instead of Prost-Hill.

    Hector ConcarneHector Concarne9 dagar sedan
    • i don't blame him for rejecting senna tbh he left mclaren to get away from his antics no question he could beat him

      Gigsaw SoljierGigsaw Soljier9 dagar sedan
  • Part 2?

    StanY5StanY59 dagar sedan
  • mean while in Alternate Universe.. Fernando could've been 12+ time world champion IF... 2005 - Good fight with Schumi.. We are the Champions-1 2006 - We are the Champions-2 2007 - Title If Hamilton was not there in Mclaren 2008 - Title if He hadn't left Mclaren, again due to Hamilton was there 2009 - Title If he had Joined Brawn GP if he really got a contract offered (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013... Struggle in Mercedes - but worthy for Future success..) 2014 - Turbo-Hybrid Era kicked in YOOOOOOO!!!!!! 2015 - Engine is faster than before.. Arghhh 2016 - Fuck you Nico 2017 - No Karma 2018 - Thank you Sebastian for crashing in Germany and gifting championship 2019 - I am not retiring to comeback again.. but Ferrari engine feels better but RedBull got it covered with Protest..!!! Ferrari Engine Banned.. So title is mine 2020 - Covid or no-Covid we are the champions.., we are the champions 2021-- and onwards.. yeah I am still young, you can test me in a Young Drivers' Program, you won't regret..!!

    Meme RavenMeme Raven9 dagar sedan
  • Great vid guys.

    Degan EllisDegan Ellis9 dagar sedan
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    Ry gamingRy gaming9 dagar sedan
  • Kubica 🇵🇱🏁🏎️❤️

    Kierlak AirlinesKierlak Airlines9 dagar sedan
  • "on the pace" uh no sorry mate. I feel sorry for him, but he was never on the pace

    Alexandre GarridoAlexandre Garrido9 dagar sedan
  • Even if Alonso would have gone to Brawn Gp. He would have left the team after maybe 2/3 years. Until realising in 2015 that he made another bad choice😂😂

    Suraj BorateSuraj Borate9 dagar sedan
  • well they missed nico hulkenberg and merc

    mathu kmathu k9 dagar sedan
  • Fernando also have offers by red bull and mercedes but ferarri marketing in nando's childhood paid off, the red car and shumi legacy was too much

    EmilianoEmiliano10 dagar sedan
  • Didnt senna agree to join ferrari when his contract ended at williams for a drive in 1997

    Daniel MatthewsDaniel Matthews10 dagar sedan
  • "Michael and Ron met in a hotel" I bet crapmocker was playing catcher

    Number 16Number 1610 dagar sedan
  • What about Lewis to Williams eh? He got an offer on camera from Claire

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake10 dagar sedan
  • Lol lewis at red bull with seb? Y'all though lewis and nico was bad? Lorddddddd

    joshawott31joshawott3110 dagar sedan
  • Let's be honest.. ferrari can have daniel we need Carlos and lando together the world don't feel right

    joshawott31joshawott3110 dagar sedan
  • In my f1 2020 3rd season, ricciardo joined Ferrari, so maybe in 2022 👀👀👀

    koffeejellokoffeejello10 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think Alonso moving to Brawn then Mercedes would’ve been the same result as Hamilton with Mercedes. The driver is a big part of the car development and Hamilton is in a class of it’s own. Bottas is driving in the midfield in the exact same car.

    DugBingo951DugBingo95110 dagar sedan
  • Seb and Lewis as teammates 😍

    AlienofAndromedaAlienofAndromeda10 dagar sedan
  • There's something I think all of us wanted to see Kimi dabbing

    XtremeGondorGamerXtremeGondorGamer10 dagar sedan
  • If based Dietrich Mateschitz HAD signed off on Lewis, he would have already fired him by now because of Hamilton's woke agenda.

    Scott MeredithScott Meredith10 dagar sedan
  • As a Danny ric and Nico rosberg fan, im sad Lewis didn’t go to red bull 😢 he could have ended up an all time great

    Arvin BuensalidaArvin Buensalida10 dagar sedan
  • no one gonna talk about senna and ferrari

    Nnaemeka OmeruoNnaemeka Omeruo10 dagar sedan
  • Wait... Webber block Red Bull from getting Hamilton and then retired the next year... Whiskey Foxtrot Tango x 1000. 😐

    powerofdreamxpowerofdreamx10 dagar sedan
  • Lewis didn’t leave McLaren on good terms after he spoke about the car aka calling it a pig As well as bagging the team he was kinda booted which is why Red Bull didn’t really want him

    Michael GrantMichael Grant10 dagar sedan
  • Bro you forgot Nikita mazepin to mercedes

    The Green EmbersThe Green Embers10 dagar sedan
  • almost only counts with grenades

    Roger VallveRoger Vallve10 dagar sedan