Does F1 Testing Really Matter?

13 mar 2021
180 403 visningar

F1 testing is a fantastic way to build up hype for the new season, but how much should we take notice of the times set?
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  • It matters to the teams. But as for the public, anyone looking for meaningful results is wasting his or her time. And the idiots in the F1 media who are trying to whip up a frenzy over testing need to STFU about testing.

    chuckschillingchuckschilling20 dagar sedan
  • "Does *testing* really matter?" I want you to think about this one wtf1

    ????25 dagar sedan
  • for a team does it matter. 100% it does. for basically anyone else other than teams does it matter. no not really

    jordanjordanMånad sedan
  • Wtf1: a team should maximise their laps during winter test Williams in 2019: YES

    Simo FranSimo FranMånad sedan
  • Testing does matter a lot. New drivers get accustomed to their car, the possible setups etc. Older drivers, known with the team, will also need to get accustomed with the changes to the last year, mostly setup. Sometimes (other motor) even more. What does not count: The fstest lap. What also does count....what problems did they encounter and do they sove those.

    Reinier NNReinier NNMånad sedan
  • Am I the only one that watches testing to see the rakes?

    chloéchloéMånad sedan
  • Mercedes is playing dumb, we all know it, the rest of the teams are trying out their car's endurance rather than their speed or aerodynamics cause they already did that behind closed doors.

    Sam SotoSam SotoMånad sedan
  • dude a supercomputer would download that and come up with just "no" lol

    hole shot shanehole shot shaneMånad sedan
  • Amount of laps is what I look for. If you've a reliable car after testing you can concentrate more energy on making it faster.

    Eamon AhernEamon AhernMånad sedan
  • I love the preview of all the technical innovations that we might see over the season and guessing where and when we might see them again.

    DezaroDezaroMånad sedan
  • So this is the first time Red Bull have ever topt the timing sheets in testing even during there championship years they were never number one. Verstappen said on dutch tv that the runs on the C4 tire wern't qualifying runs. Just testing some setup differences and getting used to the new pirelli softer tires. So even though it might be stupid i still think Red Bull will be right up there with Mercedes and will finally be able to fight for the title.

    Norbert JanssenNorbert JanssenMånad sedan
  • i would like if u can earn some points in testing so teams wont be sandbagging

    Viper PlayzzViper PlayzzMånad sedan
  • my god, that 2017 mercedes was beautiful without the halo

    Bánk HorváthBánk HorváthMånad sedan
  • The new lads that are coming after every drive to survive new season are making a bunch of drama of the pre season testing usual

    A. A.A. A.Månad sedan
  • Mercedes backmarkers confirmed

    Rej GuonRej GuonMånad sedan
  • Qualifying modes were banned last year, in the rule which states you must race on the same engine mode that was qualified on....

    Bujf vjgBujf vjgMånad sedan
  • Can you do a video comparing the new safety cars?

    da king113da king113Månad sedan
  • In other words: F1 Testing DOES matter. F1 Testing's time sheets do not.

    Bi773nBi773nMånad sedan
  • 3:02 as a Purdue grad, I appreciate the Bobby Knight reference. IU's Cream and Crimson are the reason a 10-year-old me (back in the day) still dislikes, Ferrari. On topic, testing matters lots of laps and quick results...someone might be a favorite.

    Michael HinesMichael HinesMånad sedan
  • News flash. Testing is for you or the fans. And only an idiot would tell everybody watching that they should be interested in testing "because it's F1 cars on track".

    Nigel ChildsNigel ChildsMånad sedan
  • I compare F1 testing to an internationl friendly in football. It's just there to test a few different things out and nobody really tries all that hard to win, so cant be taken seriously.

    LitmooseLitmooseMånad sedan
  • rest in peace murray walker😥😥😥😥😩😥

    Marlon DonatoMarlon DonatoMånad sedan
  • i dont even like or watch f1, love the channel anyway

    Mit SuckMit SuckMånad sedan
  • Basically your last point. The only thruth taking out of testing is putting in the the laps. As many as possible, trying out different setups. This is to acquire loads of data and it sort of tells the teams where they are. If a team doesn't put in the laps one can expect of them then there's obviously something wrong.

    Another JoeAnother JoeMånad sedan
  • Well looks like Kimi is up for his second championship then.

    Redskies453Redskies453Månad sedan
  • Nothing really mattersss!🎶🎶

    Guenther SteinerGuenther SteinerMånad sedan
  • I think there is actually quite a lot you can learn from watching testing and following along. It's just that the relative pace of each car is not one of those things.

    NickNickMånad sedan
  • So in testing this year Mercedes tried to convince people that their car was crap and Williams tried to convince people that their car wasn't. Both failed which shows that testing is a waste of time. Everyone else showed they had cars and got valuable exposure for their sponsors proving the value of testing.

    Grogery 1Grogery 1Månad sedan
  • “That’s not sandbagging, that’s a car not working” I died at that part as Mclaren-Honda flashbacks ensue

    Jeremy TeoJeremy TeoMånad sedan
  • Will you guys do a podcast about the 3 day winter testing?

    Jason HenryJason HenryMånad sedan

    Mr DandelionMr DandelionMånad sedan
  • You should make an updated video on the best f1 games

    Samuel ReibigSamuel ReibigMånad sedan
  • what happen if f1 driver sick?

    KucingIrengKucingIrengMånad sedan
  • 0

    gkopeliadisgkopeliadisMånad sedan
  • Testing is for the teams, not the fans. It allows the teams to see any issues with the car and fix them before the seasion where part changes are much harder. But also means they can test their current set of parts in a more real world senario, A wing may look great in the sim and in the wind tunnel, But those cant give a full picture just an idea. On track the wing may flex in turns causing it to drag on the ground and reducing downforce rather than increasing it, such an issue would need to be fixed before the seasion starts. If testing wasn't a thing and they could only do the normal set of wind tunnel tests and CAD, there could be a number of incidents durning the first few races, which the FIA want to avoid for safety. The teams also want to avoid crashing out since it costs them money.

    Jam_HerobrineJam_HerobrineMånad sedan
  • I miss albon

    Freddie GarnhamFreddie GarnhamMånad sedan
  • Really 😜 u know more about that 😆 c'mon Shut it down ....guy🧔

    Cool Cars DominationCool Cars DominationMånad sedan
  • 0:46 Ferrari didn’t win in 2008

    Nsd FancyNsd FancyMånad sedan
  • Australian fans: What is testing?

    Legweak13Legweak13Månad sedan
  • IMO the only thing fans can gauge from testing is reliability. A tally of laps completed is much more valuable than who set the fastest lap

    Braden McLeanBraden McLeanMånad sedan
  • I don't consider F1 testing to be the benchmark of anything. If the cars show no break downs i guess thats a show maybe that things are working in the team.

    Stephen BachmanStephen BachmanMånad sedan
  • Couldn't u make the video 10 secs shorter?

    The PaintsmokerThe PaintsmokerMånad sedan
  • It certainly shows who will be slowest. I'm looking at you, Haas.

    RangifullaRangifullaMånad sedan
  • Y’all should dive deeper into this

    Diëgo KartodikromoDiëgo KartodikromoMånad sedan
  • Mercedes just sandbag every yeat

    AbyssAbyssMånad sedan
  • The new rule of only 3 days of pre season testing is stupid. It should be at least 7 days

    skister82skister82Månad sedan
  • Ban F1. problem solved.

    ac0rpbgac0rpbgMånad sedan
  • Is it just me or were the graphics in this vid particularly cool

    Ben WalkerBen WalkerMånad sedan
  • So ... Mercedes gearboxes ... hmmmm ... who knows.

    Gordon MoatGordon MoatMånad sedan
  • Looking forward to 2022

    Mr GeorgeMr GeorgeMånad sedan
  • "It's just practice." -Allen Iverson

    Derek WilkinsonDerek WilkinsonMånad sedan
  • i dont learn anything but i at least get to see some cars on a track, helps feed that hunger until FP1

    Bosco26726Bosco26726Månad sedan
  • Fly high Murray Walker🙏

    Cian CurtinCian CurtinMånad sedan
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and thousands of times we will miss you Murray Walker, goodbye legend of the commentary, it was an honor to hear his commentary even for a short time in my life

    Marco _grtMarco _grtMånad sedan
  • Why music is too loud

    Андрей ЛаптевАндрей ЛаптевMånad sedan
  • You could have expanded more about tricks teams to do give false impressions, either faster to impress/lure sponsors or slower to hide true pace.

    Brian LigatBrian LigatMånad sedan
  • Kudos to Renault, this year has shown mostly group think and a lack of innovation. McLaren should offer a gearbox for engines swap to Merc. LMAO

    Som GuySom GuyMånad sedan
  • From watching 2 days of testing I can tell in general which cars look well balanced and poised and which are not and are subject to conditions. Surprisingly the Mercedes looked all over the place yesterday and even today Hamilton beached it., that doesn't look like an easy car to drive in these conditions at least. McLaren looked very good, Alpine and Alfa tauri seem to have drivers that are comfortable driving them, even Tsunoda got the hang of it relatively early. Ferrari looks to be a handful once again this year with Sainz not feeling confident at all in it.

    Christoforos PaphitisChristoforos PaphitisMånad sedan
  • Doesn't matter to us but I guarantee you that it's a tad more important to the teams, especially now they're supposed to produce a competitive car with practically no non-race running.

    PD DolingPD DolingMånad sedan
  • I think the real things you need to look for are as they said, how many laps a car runs for after setting a headline time, is it a 3 lap run or done at the start of a 10 lap run, also the race sims are pretty accurate as they have the least variables or the most comparable times. Also while Mercedes are rarely fastest, they are fastest on the medium tyre or set a time close to the fastest but they then do 10 more laps on the run afterwards showing how fast they really are.

    Stuart GuyStuart GuyMånad sedan
  • I take just enough to make terrible picks for my f1 fantasy team.

    David CMDavid CMMånad sedan
  • I think it is more important to see the number of laps than the timetables

    JoseJoseMånad sedan
  • At least williams showed up

    Randall HawnRandall HawnMånad sedan
  • You do realise that testing isn't about teams showing off how fast they are? It's for the teams to collect data.

    alan macalan macMånad sedan
  • It’s like Free Practice. It is extremely useful for teams to better understand how to approach the season

    Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer88Månad sedan
  • "2008 Ferrari wining" nop "Is that Glock?!?!!!"

    Peter SzantoPeter SzantoMånad sedan
  • How do we know they are actually testing the actual car they are going to race? With the technology now they can disguise the spare car and to the untrained eye it could look like the actual race car when it isn't.

    Idrees SahadatIdrees SahadatMånad sedan
  • Still very encouraging to see McLaren perform so well. I'll call it now, P2 this year.

    Joe MullinJoe MullinMånad sedan
  • Yes for the teams No for the championship standings

    Logan TaylorLogan TaylorMånad sedan
  • Still can’t believe this company is employing this guy for all the shit he’s done

    NostawNostawMånad sedan
  • Top 10 Murray Walker commentator moments please... 😭 #imnotcryingyouare

    Ross BurrowRoss BurrowMånad sedan
  • Was this video edited by a child who has just discovered video editing software, sugary drinks and cocaine?

    Liam CookeLiam CookeMånad sedan
  • yes

  • How much do I take from testing? I'll take what I can get chief

    Nut ChunderNut ChunderMånad sedan
  • The only thing that really matters in testing is the number of laps. That's why I don't buy Merc's 'sand bagging' at all. Why on Earth would they sacrifice their only chance to test the new car? W12 is not the same as W11 at all, the devil is in details, in F1 more than anywhere else. DAS is missing, completely redesigned floor and rear of the car, new tires, so this small number of test laps they are putting is a disaster for them.

    penusliskipenusliskiMånad sedan
  • 2:13 can we please keep this MAX jokes? Please!! ^^

    Worn LyroWorn LyroMånad sedan
  • Comments are interesting also... to me It's like a podcast. And sometimes commentators are on free wheel after 2h of talking, it's funny 😂 but I watch it in background of another activity tbh.

    Rémi CastinelRémi CastinelMånad sedan
  • Day 5 of asking SEworld championship season 3

    Kevin LääneKevin LääneMånad sedan
  • RIP Murray Walker

    antony bazeleyantony bazeleyMånad sedan
  • Yes

    Four utubezFour utubezMånad sedan
  • The animations and effects were really top notch in this video!

    Zahin AzmayeenZahin AzmayeenMånad sedan
  • Now you changed the way i see the word maximum xD thanks m8!

    4drianxx4drianxxMånad sedan
  • RIP Murray Walker

    Cameron TilleyCameron TilleyMånad sedan
  • RIP Murray Walker 97...

    Steven LarrattSteven LarrattMånad sedan
  • MAXimum.. hue hue

    Dave-lubbe van ZylDave-lubbe van ZylMånad sedan
  • MAXimum. ahahah. Give the editor a rise

    LCG F1LCG F1Månad sedan
  • How much do I take from F1 testing? Hehe car go vroom

    digimangadigimangaMånad sedan
  • For the teams it matters a lot I think testing all kind of stuff and collecting real-life data.. For us "outsiders" not so much because it's next to impossible to make anything from the limited info we get from just looking at it from the outside.. We do not even get onboard radio's, so no idea what drivers communicate with their teams etc.. Lap-times mean nothing when you do not know what's being tested and how with what setup etc..

    inflatable2inflatable2Månad sedan
  • It matters to them. Sorry but clickbait

    mark taylormark taylorMånad sedan
  • I can already see Lewis winning 8th world championship.....

    Aditya KambleAditya KambleMånad sedan
  • So basically not much expectations of a du bist Weltmister, we'll have to wait for a while, testing is basically a session to check if a car's parts are working together and bring drivers up to speed.

    Anirudh RAnirudh RMånad sedan
  • That's not sandbagging That's a car not working It cracked me up hard 😂😂

    Bhanu PrakashBhanu PrakashMånad sedan
  • Reliability is the only thing that matters in testing!!

    Joshua CamposJoshua CamposMånad sedan
  • I'm literally only watching to see the cars again and to see if RB finally have a stable looking car... and to see if there are any reliability problems whatsoever. Those are the only things I'm looking at.

    Nephlim JediNephlim JediMånad sedan
  • I don't know whether too much can be made of any times but the eye test can tell a lot. I've been impressed with Mclaren and red bull. Mclaren in particular because nearly every other Mercedes PU team has had reliability issues and then there's Danny ric coming into the team. The cars have looked very stable, have lapped consistently and have been putting in the laps. This stuff is important to see as their success depends on how well they can integrate all the changes they've made.

    Midori RingoMidori RingoMånad sedan
  • why does matt have a higher pitch voice? lol

    Lorenzo de NavasLorenzo de NavasMånad sedan
  • I don't worry about the times they put in. Just happy to see the cars back on track after the break

    Justin GarnhumJustin GarnhumMånad sedan
  • Hate to be 'that' guy but F1 cars can use 110kg of fuel not 100kg 😆

    Andrew RedpathAndrew RedpathMånad sedan
  • I don't even watch it I live in america though so that also stops me, i will watch the highlights and if a wake up early enough 15-20 minutes of it

    Joshy DJoshy DMånad sedan
  • F1 testing doesn’t tell us who’s gonna win but it can tell us who’s gonna be competitive

    not my real namenot my real nameMånad sedan